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Buying UFC 100


I can't make up my mind if I want to buy the pay per view or not. Anyone here purchasing it? The problem is that it is quite convenient to just wake up the next morning and watch all the fight videos online. I could follow the live play by play reports the night of. Dishing out $50 just so I can watch it a few hours earlier makes it pretty hard to do.

The only thing is, this is UFC 100 and I am sure they will make it special. Anyone know of a reliable live stream the night of? If so, please PM me.

What are you guys thinking?


Also, I was thinking, does anyone know how to set up a live stream? Maybe a few of us could pitch in for every UFC card and one person can set up a live stream, pswd protect it. All of us can watch it online for a reduced price this way. I don't know how we would send the money though.

And yeah I know it will require a little bit of trusting on the part of the people who send this person the money, but really its just going to be like $10. Who cares if he decides to dissappear with it. Although I doubt a scammer is going to come on this website hoping for someone to offer this kind of arrangement.


This will be the first UFC I buy since Liddell lost to Rampage. Looks to be a very good card.


Go to a sports bar. I am only paying for 101 which is far more interesting.


It has just been announced that UFC has signed a deal with TeleVisa. Will be shown free and live on Cable here in Mexico. Happy man! Though a bit worried about the commentary team. I am sure they will use the same guys as they use on the events I help run and whilst cool guys, they know nothing!


I have done that quite a lot. It is hard for me to enjoy it that way. I like watching the fights on my own.

Free in Mexico? That is fucked up.


I have been buying them all for the last few years. I record them to my DVR and then burn to DVDs for posterity. I am usually having a few cocktails during the broadcast and may be entertaining, so I like to watch the more interesting fights again in the morning and can burn them to DVD while doing this. I will eventually catalog individual fights on a hard drive but that project is not high on my to-do list. This at least helps me justify the $50.

I have most Pride cards and almost every UFC card on DVD. I do actually go back and watch older fights. Usually if I am a bit hung over or just feel like laying around for a few hours.


You know how to set up a live stream?


Sorry we just rotate among the crew. everyone chips in, $5 toward food, $5 toward pay per view.

Been doing it for years now. time to find some friends who are fans.

It really brings down the cost and with a big group in the summertime like now it becomes a BBQ/UFC party.

It's my turn next month Carne Asada, Cold Drinks, and KenFlo. ahhh summer.


damn you!


I know : )


Carne asada... I wish I was still in San Diego! And not on this fucking diet!


Greenhopper i usually search around for a live stream. If i find one Saturday night ill send you a PM. I kinda feel like an asshole when I do but I can't spend $50 every couple of weeks to watch the fights and when I'm at school we don't even have the option to order PPV with our cable package.


i do not. I am not all that motivated to overtly break copywrite laws either. Kind of a fan of property rights.


me and a buddy are splitting this one....our wives can hang out, and we'll get drunk and watch the fights. win-win :wink:

i can't afford to get them all the time either, but it's fair to pay for it, since they generally show a lot of free stuff on Spike anyway.


Thanks man. Will do the same. Yeah I feel like I support MMA in my own way though. I have gotten plenty of fans to the sport. I'm just not in a position to do so financially - yet.




No way your average Mexican is coughing up $50 for a PPV so a good way to break the market.

Last time Royce was down here training with us people were queing down the block for an autograph so there is definitely interest. Looks like the UFC will have their first event here next year, we are currently working on getting some of our guys on the card (I am also going to see if I can get a judges position.)


Download SopCast
tune to the mma channel before the fights start.


If you have friends who watch MMA, pick the guy with the biggest TV, show up at his house with your other friend, bring 10 bucks each and some beer and chips, and you're set. If you don't have a couple of MMA watching friends, get new friends! But if you can't find new friends in time, just find a good sports bar... if you can't find a good one, there's always Buffalo Wild Wings, Hooters, or whatever the chain sports bar in your area is. Sitting in front of my computer watching a fight the next day sounds depressing as hell, I'll be shooting pool (poorly) and hanging out with a couple friends, hitting on the waitresses (also poorly) for UFC 100, which should be a great time.