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Buying Things Online


What are some ways to buy things online without giving personal information? i.e. pre paid cards.


Prepaid cards would be my first choice, ones that you have registered or delivered to an address that has no connection with you.


Paypal is always good.

If you're super paranoid and don't trust paypal with any bank accounts or credit card numbers, do online surveys that wire money into your paypal account.

I made $40 in the past, then got fed up with reading stupid survey shit that I don't care about and called it quits.


i think paypal it's very safe


Are people STILL caught up in giving personal details over the internet? Jeez...its 2009.


I always buy my photographic stuff with paypal. Never had a problem and its accepted almost everywere :slight_smile:


Ditto with paypal. It's really easy, quick, and safe.



No reason to be paranoid, just buy from sites that are "respected" or well known..

Shit, I don't even abide that rule, I buy from whereever. Ya, I'm that core..


I buy supps, books, art supplies, jewelry (for the wife), clothes, shoes... a lot of stuff. I always give my credit card info. But I'm always careful to be sure the site has a secure server and asks for the 3-4 digit code on my credit card. Seems safe to me.


As long as you do it through a legit site/source like paypal, you're fine. I don't think people understand just how secure modern cryptographic systems are.