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Buying the Prowler in Canada?


Hey guys,

Just wondering if there are any distributors for the Prowler in Canada? I'm trying to avoid buying it from the US, shipping it across the boarder, paying duty etc.



find a mule.


Buy it here, and push it across the border.


ultimatefitnessgyms.com has one for sale.



shipping is only about $105 so its still cheaper than the ultimate. Another option for you.


I bought the one from ultimate fitness, it's a great piece of equipment. You would probably have to pay a broker fee+duty fees from texas strength plus the shipping.


you're in canada... You cant push a prowler on ice and snow... defeats the purpose


On the snow? Nah, go through the snow, then things get interesting.


It'd be hard to sprint with snow shoes on though...


It is even more of a workout with snow, because first you have to shovel the snow out of the way to clear a spot to use it :slight_smile:


Thats what I thought too, but they assured me I wouldn't


Thanks guys.

Wish I could find the damn thing in stores and load it into my car myself.


Where in Canada are you? Might help narrow down some recommendations.


Kitchener Ontario.


Google bells of steel, I think they are located in Alberta, they have some cheaper prowlers.
bellsofsteel.com I believe.


Then you should contact Andy Burwell, he is in Woodstock. I bought a sled, a log, and some farmer's walk handles from him a few years ago. Well built. Price for a Prowler with solid posts looks to be $200Cdn. Here is the site, http://www.custommetal.50megs.com/about.html


Hey Gents,

Yup, Bells of Steel has Prowlers (I am the owner). PM me for any questions!


I'm putting in an order with today for an econo prowler


Awesome, it'll ship out tomorrow.


It came in today. Very quick delivery. Looks very sturdy and can't wait to try it tomorrow. These guys are great, I highly recommend purchasing from them