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Buying TC's Book in the UK?


has any one in the UK bought this book? just wondering if it works out cheaper off here or amazon because of the postage etc.

At work so can't go on amazon because its blocked so I'm not being completly lazy, only partially.



I brought it from here with a load of Biotest goods. Shipping costs are a bitch, so I rarely place an order on here now. Amazon quotes their shipping costs to UK for books as $3.99 per shipment and $3.99 per item. So I'd assume it'd be about £5 if that's all your ordered.

How is it you can get on T-Nation from work but not Amazon?


Its blocked, I guess because its a more common shopping website than here, more likely for people to be waisting time of there than here, like I am now!

cheers for your response. Thinking I might got for amazon.co.uk because at least I wont have to wait for ages


Snap it up for £24ish.. i paid around £35 from an online bookstore when i bough mine, there was literally no cheaper option. that works out as $57 even now!


Struth! I'll have to get that asap then!

What did you think of the book?



If you're not in a hurry, order it from Amazon's US site, or from here (not sure about the shipping cost of just the book on here). Buying from a UK supplier will work out more expensive, but you should get it faster.

What did I think of it? I brought 4 copies for friends and 1 for me, my copy has been around the country and to Kenya and several European countries with me. It's one of the best books I've read recently, I'm hoping he'll do a sequel at some point.


I bought TC's book from Amazon (not co.uk) and if I recall correctly I didn't pay more than 25$ including shipping costs. I live in Finland so it should be about the same. The shipping costs buying from T-Nation seem insane, I tried buying a testosterone shirt (10$) earlier and it totaled at 37$, that's just too much.


Roaul- thats enough to convince me, I love the articles so no doubt I'll enjoy the book,

Voeoe - cheers for your input, how long did it take the book to arrive, off on holiday in a few weeks and would like to take it with me



Around 2 weeks if I recall correctly


just went to get in of amazon.com and its out of stock!


Option 2 is do you know anyone in the States? If so, get it shipped to them (I think it falls under the free shipping offer on here) and get them to mail it to you.


I got it from here.






no luck there, I'll wait a week or so, if its not there I'll just bite the bullit and get its from amazon.co.uk


managed to get it from amazom.com for about £20, shipping 8-16 days, alot cheap and easier than of the .co.uk site if anyone was looking to get it.


I really dont keep track of my posts. As for what i thought of it, to be honest, when it first came i thought, "shit, this looks like a hella small book for £35" but it is absolutely brilliant. My favourite book for sure, its really good for motivation and i can relate to a suprising amount of the attitude displayed in the book. I'm currently on my 3rd read through, this time as my "toilet book", doesn't exactly still have me laughing but its still an entertaining read!

My dad read it and was really not a fan, thought the first 1/3 to half of the book was brilliant then he reckoned it tailed off with too much sex talk and bullshit, personally i think its brilliant thoughout, and he didn't read it with quite the open mind neccasary, afterall, i'm 18 and he's 45 or so, it's a big difference in mindset.