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Buying Supps with Flex Spending Acct

So, i have the opportunity at work to sign up for a flexible spending account, which deducts money from my paycheck, un-taxed, and puts it in a debit card account to be used for health care expenses.

Anyone have any experience using an FSA to buy supplements from Biotest or elsewhere? I’ve never had one before, but it could sve me a bit of money…

Check with your plan administrator to determine whether supplements are covered health care expenses. You can often go to a drugstore and the receipt will indicate what purchases are eligible for the FSA.

I believe it depends what kind of supplements, because most arent registered by the FDA, like protein powders/creatine etc.

You’ll need a note from your doctor stating the supplement is used to help with a medical condition you have. Like if you had some kind of inflammitory disease and you used fish oil.