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Buying Supps in St. Louis?


Aside from GNC or Attilio's, what are the best nutrition stores in Saint Louis?

While I buy EFAs, multi-vitamins, etc. online regularly, I do like to buy in-person as well. Sometimes the online cost savings isn't that huge once you factor in shipping. Plus it is nice to be able to look at stuff in-person, actually talk face-to-face with some one, and support local merchants.

[b]Your thoughts are appreciated.[/b]


GNC isn't really the best nutrition store, just one of the most common and expensive. You can find information on any supplement you want on the 'net, you can also find the ingredient facts on most supplements when you browse any supplement website. The guy at GNC is gonna recommend the most expensive brand and tell you he uses it and everything else you need to hear to make a sell. Just wait until you need several supplements and order all at once to save on shipping. ;]


Yeah, I am aware of the GNC dealio. I only mentioned them, because I am not aware of a lot of alternatives locally. Like I said, I like to go to "brick & mortar stores" some times. Thanks tho'!