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Buying Squat Racks


My son, age 15, 6', 242, is squatting 225 for reps in our school gym. Can any of you guys point me to a good place to buy racks for a basement gym? With summer coming on, he wants to bulk up for football and I'd like to find some good quality racks.

Any help greatly appreciated!





I just got this one last week for $330, and it was $120 shipping. It is made in China unfortunately, but was all I could afford, and its really nice for the money. Its very wide too.


I would suggest Craigslist.com for used equipment. I bought a squat rack, bench, 300lb barbell set and dumbells going to 50lbs for $350. People are always selling hardly-used exercise equipment there if you live in a larger city. I am not sure if that helps in smaller towns.


Not sure how handy you are, but you can build one on the cheap if you can weld. I wouldn'y chance it if you're not very comfortable with your shop skills, though. Building something to hold hundreds of pounds above your loved one's is not the time to learn...


newyorkbarballs has awesome sale prices. I just got a safety squat bar for $249 which was $499 from other places-the exact same bar, and I was a little worried about quality but it is excellent-it said 1000 pound test. I believe 700 at least.


Thats one big ass 15 year old.


Thanks, guys!