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Buying Smart Drugs Online?

I was just wondering if anyone has purchased drugs such as Piracetam and l deprenyl from a reputable source online before? As I’m coming up to my final exams I really need something to carry me through because my cognitive processes have been absolutely trashed lately. If I can just make it through these last 4 weeks I am home free academically speaking. I would normally just go the Powerdrive, but I can’t find it anywhere in Australia, and I’m getting desperate. I’m going to try a supplement from EAS called Aeromax in the meantime because it contains the vinoceptine that has been recommended by Tim Patterson etc. Chris Shugart suggested to me before that I try Tyrosine and Caffeine, but unfortunately I can’t use caffeine. So if anyone could help me out here, I would appreciate it. Thanks.

If you want piracetam, I recommend ordering from IAS, International Anti-Aging Systems out of the UK. I’ve never ordered Piractam from them, but have ordered some other stuff and it was all good. But, I think that it takes like 6 weeks for Piracetam to work, so I’m not really sure that’d be a good option for you at this point. PowerDrive gives a much faster boost

I was just wondering if the powerdrive works. Im a student also.

IAS is the best. Their prices are also the lowest you’ll find online. Piracetam doesn’t take any time at all to work… you just have to frontload (i.e., take many, many pills on the first day). Most people only need to take 4 or 5 pills on the first day to get any effect… I needed to take 15. It’s individual. But once you feel the effects on the first day, you can decrease dosage to two-three pills per day. It takes forever for you to actually get the piracetam, however, so I don’t know how helpful it’ll be for your exams. What happened to the electronic stimulator you were using?

I’ve had good luck mixing vinoceptine, ginko, bacopa, and dmae. And I have ordered from smart-drugs.com but takes about 3 weeks.

You should definitely give the Tyrosine a try. I use it and I love it. In the morning, I wake up and immediately take 3 grams on an empty stomach, along with 200 mg of DMAE, and a glass of water. 20 minutes later (or 30) you can eat. (You want to take this on an empty stomach if at all possible).
Repeat in the afternoon or before an important class, seminar etc. It works for me…! I definitely feel more alert, but not nervous. I’ve also used Piracetam (Nootropil) and that does work well, although it is subtly different. It seems to make your breathing more efficient (I don’t know if I can explain it). I did NOT need to frontload Nootropil…! I started out by taking one, and it kicked in right away. I probably would have went through the roof, if I ever took 15 of them!

I’ve had good luck with
smart-drugs.net but haven’t tried the IAS site, thanks for the tip. Tyrosine and DMAE are absolutely excellent choices for jitter free, heightened awareness. If I don’t have any powerdrive, that’s always the route that I go.

I don’t know about Aeromax, but I’ve read good things about Vinopocetine (I think thats the correct spelling). I would imagine its available over the counter in Oz (it is here in the US).

By the way, if you’re going to order smart drugs online, why not Power Drive? I used it with good success during some college exams. Just don’t make the dumbass mistake I did. I decided “Hey I’ll load up the night before.” PD combined with nerves about the test kept me wide awake ALL night. :smiley: