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Buying Protein in Bulk


Hey guys, I have been looking around trying to find bulk supplies of protein to save money and time.
Does anyone know a good supply?


you get what you pay for


I can get a 5 lb bag of EAS 100% Whey for $29.99 at my local Sam’s Club, whereas it’s $40-44 on most sites plus shipping.


Optimum nutrition gold standard whey you can get 10lb bags for about 70 bucks.


Yes myprotein is great. Saves me enough money I can afford Surge Workout Fuel.


Anyone know of any good sources of cheap protein in Europe (more specifically Switzerland)? I recently bought 10 lbs of ON whey from the US, but the shipping/customs cost 100$ (protein itself cost about 80$), and buying the same product from Switzerland would end up with approximately the same total cost. I’ve considered buying from TP as their “recession whey” is so cheap, but again, the shipping ends up costing more than the protein itself, so any suggestions for cheap protein?


Look up Whey protein eXtreme (behind the corny name, you have a solid 80% whey). It’s sold by BODIES retailers and is manufactured by Perfect Nutrition. At my shop I ususally get 8kgs for 100â?¬, if you buy less It’ll be more expensive, of course.

The perfect line logo has amongst others the Swiss flag on it, so I assume there’ll be retailers down there.