Buying Powerlifting Gear in Canada

This is for the Canadian powerlifters on here. Is there anywhere in Canada to buy powerlifting gear? I’m interested in a squat suit and a good belt. So far all the places in my area that I’ve been to haven’t had any suits, and only cheap belts.

The only reason I want to order from a Canadian store is for the shipping(to avoid getting ass raped by ups’ brokerage fee). So my question is; Is they’re anywhere in Canada to get good powerlifting gear or am I going to have to order from the States?
Any info would be greatly appreciated.


Canada has one Metal dealer, a Titan dealer and we no longer have an Inzer dealer as of 2008.

For Metal in Canada:

For Titan in Canada:

With the exception of Metal I would suggest ordering from the US, the prices are less and the service is faster, which will balance out any additional shipping costs. Titan Canada also only accepts money order and cheque so your looking at an extra week+ for that…get with the times eh haha

If you’re looking for Titan I would suggest:


You can also check out the CPU website forums. There is a thread on stuff to buy/sell. It’s a less expensive alternative to try new gear.

Thanks alot for the info, that’s exactly what I was looking for.
For those that have ordered from the states, did you get dinged with any brokerage or other fees? I’ve heard all sorts of horror stories about UPS charging ridiculous brokerage fees.

If its UPS or Fedex you will usually get dinged, look at the companies shipping options and go with USPS if possible.

I know Priscilla ( ships USPS and labels them as “gift” I believe so there is no brokerage or border fees.

Perfect. Thanks a lot for all the help.