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Buying Power Rack

Hi all,

I am looking at buying a power rack (probably with high and low pulley) and flat/incline/decline bench for a home gym setup. The ones I am looking at are the:

Bodycraft http://www.bodycraft.com/f430.tpl

Powertec http://www.powertecfitness.com/power_rack_system.htm

Body-Solid http://www.bodysolid.com/Item.aspx?ItemID=489&ItemLabel=GPR378%3A+Body-Solid+Power+Rack



Just wondering if anyone owns one or has advice or knowledge on any of these and their brands benches? I want something that is going to be good, strong and sturdy and last forever. I am leaning towards the powertec or bodysolid - both have lifetime warranties but the powertec is for frame only.

I am in Australia and these 4 seem to be about the only ones available here! I know the elitefts is awesome however unfortunatley thats out of my price range, especailly with shipping and inport costs.

Any help or suggestions would be good!

I have a Body Solid power rack, but it’s not the same one in your link. I could add the pulley attachment as well, but I didn’t want to pay another $200 for that.

I’m happy with my power rack, and it was affordable ($264) from Play It Again Sports.

Thanks Nate think I will going the Bodysolid. Hopefully getting this weekend!

I saw my Body Solid power rack on sale at Play it Again Sports this past weekend. It included the lat pulldown/row attachment for $399! That’s a really good deal since both pieces tend to sell separately for $250. I still need to get the lat/row attachment so I can do more in my workouts (seated rows, triceps, etc.).