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Buying Powders?

I know that it’s verboten to discuss sources on this site. This question relates not to any particular source. It seems that powders are rather in vogue these days, although I have heard that customs are on the lookout for them. Buying poweder would seem to be a simple and economical way to go but my concerns are as follows. Number one, most come from China and China imports seem to be under the gun at present. Number two, the typical amounts, 10,000 mg or more, would have to be construed as dealer amounts. Number three, with all of our focus on terrorism, including white powders, i.e., anthrax, powders would seem to be a risky proposition all the way around. I was just wondering if anyone would care to express their opinions on this.


Depends on how the person is sending the stuff. Its amazing how innovative people can get. If the customs officer actually SAW the powder their may be a problem. But the whole point is to not have that happen.

A bigger issue is what part of the country you live in. Customs is not one place. It is much harder to import to the west coast than it is some other places.

Thanks, Bonez. I actually meant the stealth “incense oils” when I stated that the feds were on the lookout. I had heard this a while back, nothing on powders. I live in the southeast U.S. Also thought about just ordering from Europe instead of China.

Thanks for the prompt reply.

I may be wrong about this, but regarding the quantity you want to buy and your concerns for “dealer” amounts… I was under the impression that whether it’s 10g or a kilo, it’s still intent to manufacture and distribute.