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Buying pants that will fit in 4 weeks

how do you guys afford your apparell. My weight is constantly fluctuating. In six months I have gone from 145 13% bodyfat to 191 18% bodyfat to 170 11% bodyfat where I am now.

I have had the same problem in the past, but luckly my waist line has stoped to move when i put on weight, and if it does i have an ample supply of pants ranging from 32’ to 36’ …my problem is with my shoulders and neck. i gotta by larger dress shirts to fit my upper body…the problem is that those shirts that are large in the neck and shoulders are also made for guys that have an abundance of mass in the gut too…so i have this bunched up crap.

Anyways i do like those tapered shirts though, but they are so damn expensive, and being a college student i don;t have too much expendable cash…Casual clothes are fine, but when it comes to the other stuff it is just a pain in the ass…