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Buying Pants/Shorts/Underwear


I'm sure a lot of the other men, and possibly women on this board have the same problem I do fitting into lower body garmnets. I've played hockey since age 3 and am 17 now. So my legs are large. Since training, they've gotten a bunch bigger. They're probally nothing to even pay attention to here, but since my butt is so big from skating, it makes it hard fitting into shorts or boxers, and some (dress)pants.

Does anyone here have certain brands of stuff they use or certain sizing when you have a 30-31 or so waist and about 25 inch legs at the crotch.

Thanks for the help, it's really starting to bother me!


I have the same problem as you I have a 34 inch waist and 28.5 inch quad near the crotch. Anyways where are you from Canada or the US? Cause then I can better suggest brands. But what I'm usually forced to do is buy a 36 inch waist loose fit.


i have a 32 waist and 28 legs. i just buy 36 waist and get them tailored. sucks.


As for shorts/dress pants, that's a tough one. I usually end up having to just buy a much larger waist than I need in order to fit the butt/thighs, or get them tailored.

As for undergarments, I highly highly recommend Eddie Bauer's Sports Briefs. They are above and beyond the most comfortable underwear I've ever had, I can't stand wearing anything else now.


Same prob. It's tough finding stuff especially if your into style at all. I had 2 pairs of guess jeans that were great but recently both finally gave up in the crotch(they were 6 years old, guess I can't really complain)

I have one pair of paper denim and cloth that fit fucking perfect. They are a 34 long.

I have one pair of 7 brand that are okay, but I had to buy a 38in waist to get them to fit.

Just got another pair of 7's that are pretty good, 36 extra long.

33in waist, 27in legs. If you think that's bad, try being 6"3 on top of it, makes it nearly impossible to find shit that fits.

I'm almost to the point that either I wear workout clothes or dress clothes as they are eaiser to find.



I'm from the US, and I'm afraid to even go try on shorts since I've put on almost 20 pounds (mostly in my legs) since last spring when I got my last dress shorts. Even then, I had like 34/35 shorts that didn't touch my waist, but were held up by my butt.

I guess I'll just have to deal. Most recently though, it's just been the boxers bothering me as they have no give, and getting a larger waist actually presents a problem as you can't use a belt.

Thanks for the response.


Calvin Klein boxers are great, and have plenty of room in the thighs. They're also made of super-soft shammy-like cotton.


as for underwear:
the only way to go is Under Armour Boxer Briefs. they allow stretch in the thighs so they stay tight on your leg all day without stretch out and riding like a normal pair of boxers.
but honestly ive given up on all underwear all together, and im never going back.