Buying Off Deep Web vs Clear Net?

I’m not going to talk about sources on here for obvious reason but i saw a thread on reddit the other day about deep web steroids and it got me thinking because I’d never considered buying off there an option before.
What is you guys take on buying off there? is it safe? is it safer and more trustworthy than buying off the clear net?

The best deep web marketplace recently shut down. That was what I had used.

I use domestic clear web sources now. It’s more risky but it works. The few people I have used have proved to be real solid.

Both clear and dark net sources work. One can still order off tor even on the clear net.

Otherwise one can easily procure gear off a dealer in person. By procuring in person one doesn’t have to worry about the thought of getting a parcel siezed. However these guys typically also deal in narcotics, so unfortunately you’re supporting the illicit trafficking of hard drugs by buying off these guys. Then again even most clear and dark net sellers also sell habit forming pharmaceuticals (but not hard S1 drugs).

I wonder why AAS is lumped in with recreational mind altering/ euphoria inducing drugs? Why do the suppliers of AAS supply these substances? Is there a correlation between the two? Maybe it’s more likely people who use recreational drugs are willing to use AAS or vice versa.

None of the major dark web domestic sources in the US had narcotics listings of any kind. Dnp would probably be the most harmful things besides AAS they sold and most wouldn’t even sell that.

Same as the domestic clear web sources iv yet to see any listing narcotic pain medication or even benzodiazapines.

Then we have the local juice heads who peddle shit at the gym. They tend to sell cocaine alongside of thier cheaply made and labeled AAS. Iv personally never used thier gear but I know the coke sucked so I figured the gear would as well.

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Many sources here in Aus on the clear and dark net also sell benzodiazepines, narcotic pain medication, amphetamines etc. Dealers (gym rats and otherwise suppliers) tend to sell coke, benzodiazepines, empathogens etc. I don’t see how they relate to AAS. Actually on the dark net the suppliers also sometimes sell ice/shards (methamphetamine).

I don’t understand how these drugs are related to bodybuilding though. Opiates could help with injury induced pain, but masking the pain and training through it would just make a tear/strain ten times worse

There is no relation between hard drugs and bodybuilding. They’re drug dealers, so they will sell whatever they have to to make the cash.

My guess is it has something to do with Australias ridiculously efficient customs enforcement agents.

Maybe they feel by selling a variety they can corner the market in a place where ordering outside of Australia is hard due to most people simply refusing to send packages.

As far as the gym bros selling coke I think it’s the culture. Hear in the USA A lot of gym bros use coke I used to before I settled down and got married. Back then It was workout blow coke and have as much sex as possible. Thats obviously not the guys competing and what not but just the “bros”

And I agree using opiates for pain should be a last resort and if it comes to that you don’t belong in the gym your belong rehabbing your injury.

Some guys just substitute habits. There are plenty of guys that lift when they are sober but don’t want to do it natural. Instead of taking street drugs they use AAS and some other things that go with it. I don’t know about now, but it used to be common for BB’s to use weed to stimulate appetite and party drugs as well. Many did not have the healthiest lifestyle at times. Certain guys like certain stimulants in Strongman. There was some coke use, there was even one guys shooting adrenaline before events.

Didn’t it fuck with you’re heart rate?

Coke is suuuuuuper bad for you. Very expensive in Aus (300$+/gram), I’ve never used it and never will. How the fuck could one exercise on coke, wouldn’t you’re HR be like 7 million BPM?

Tbh if I wasn’t so into bodybuilding I would’ve probably tried certain substances (probably psilocybin or mescaline), mescaline containing plants are OTC here. Buuuut, recreational drug use doesn’t mix with bodybuilding therefore noooooopppeee, also it’d be an extremely irresponsible thing for me to do therefore it isn’t happening.

I imagine that would work tremendously. Marijuana is great for appetite stimulation, can’t imagine they’d smoke the marijuana though due to carcinogenic chemicals released upon the combustion of marijuana (although that’s how I use it when I use it)

I think it’d somewhat reduce stigma here if AAS weren’t sold along with hard drugs.

Then there’s potentially the worry of the AAS being contaminated with stims, esp if one is buying cutting drugs right?

Well we didn’t blown lines before the gym lol. It was generally done at the bar on the weekends or at each other’s houses when we would have girls over.

All in all very unhealthy.