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Buying Needles

Okay guys, I have everything for my first cycle, with one exception…a needle to shoot in my ass. Where can I get one? Are they sold over the counter, or do i have to find another way of getting one? Any help would be appreciated.

JC, I hope you meant to use the plural form of he word “needle.” You need a new one for every shot or you’ll risk infection. Plus they get dull. If you did not know that then I can only wonder about your expertise on the subject of steroids. You’re not like 15 are you? If you meant to write “needles” then I take all that back. Do a search on the net and you’ll find plenty of places selling them online. I’ve heard of people using pins from animal supply places too. I think you can buy insulin needles at some drug stores as well.

Since we can’t post url’s, here’s a hint. Search for carecenter and syringe. Hint: carecenter. I repeat carecenter. That’s it, as long as you don’t live in IL or CA (they don’t ship there).