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Buying Mag-10 in Chicago

I am not from the US and flying into the Chicago for 2 days. Can you please tell me where I can buy Mag-10 from (retail not online). I called a few Chicago GNC stores and they said whats Mag-10?

I’m not all that familiar w/ nutrition stores downtown (except GNC, those are on every damn corner). I do know of a place about 30-40 mins south of the city. Prices are great, and they carry everything from Biotest. Let me know if you want more info.

I live in the suburbs and have looked everywhere for Biotest stuff with no luck. Don’t know what to tell ya!

Nick, what suburb? I live out in Naperville and there is a place about 5 minutes from my house that sells the entire Biotest line at awesome prices.

You can buy mag-10 and all the full biotest line of products at Life Spring health foods onat 3718 N. Clark street Chicago Ils web adress www.mylifespring.com there prices are very good and the owner and staff are friendly tell them the CTA busdriver sent you

For Lifespring, I believe the address is 3178 N. Clark St. That’s where I buy my Biotest products as well.

thanks for giving that right address sorry

DanB I live in Naperville too!! I shop for Biotest at Nutrition Discounters. They also have Biotest products at the Vitamin shoppe on 59.

I live near an awesome place that sells all Biotest products at a very cheap price. I bought Mag-10 for only $69. Its in Oak Forest
159th and Central. Its call Capitol Discount Nutrition.

I live in Woodridge and would like to know the whereabouts of this place you guys speak of. Anytime I can get Biotest stuff without having to wait for it to be delivered would rock!

JJ, Nutrition Discounters are on Aurora St. about 1 mile East of the town of naperville (look them up on the web). They have great prices and carry all of the Biotest products. I went their today and bought PowerDrive and a lemon and a peanut butter Grow bar, damn good. Where do you guys in the west suburbs train. I got sick of the BS chain gyms and train in my basement!

Ok, I used to live in the burbs(Joliet), and can tell you how to get to Nutrition Discounters. For the guy in Woodridge, take Rte. 53 north to Maple Ave. There is a Jewel on the left. Turn left, and head west on Maple Ave. Keep going past Benedictine Univ. Once you cross Naper Blvd, Maple Ave. turns into Chicago Ave. Keep heading west for about 2 miles. You will go past a country club, a few more side streets, and finally St. Charles Road. You should be at a stop light. Carefully go down the hill. About half way down the hill on the north side of the street is Nutrition Discounters. Ask for Jeff, he is the one who got me into Biotest products. Hope this helps! -The Starkdog

Thanks for the suggestions!

Downers Grove representing, there is a place in Joliet I worked at this summer called Sports Nutrtion Direct, it’s south of Louis Joliet mall on Essington, it can usually beat Nutrition Discounters prices.