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Buying Jeans

I hate trying to buy myself pants these days because nothing fits right. A pair of jeans that fit perfectly around the waste are usually too tight around my thighs and butt. The current fashion trend seems to be skin tight jeans for men, and that just doesn’t sit well with my habbit of putting a weight on my shoulders and squatting it.

Can anyone recommend a brand that makes jeans which will fit well on guys with muscular legs?

get them tailored, wear them baggy, or stick to shorts.

Eventually you are going to have to move towards urban style jeans unless you want to buy a few waist sizes to large and have them taken in or wear belts constantly. I’d say having trouble buying clothes that the “normal” people wear is a badge of honor and it’s a price I’m willing to pay haha.

Store: Aeropostale

Style: Benton Original Boot Cut

Old Navy may be your new best friend. I’m also told Gap and Express are good.

I just hate paying $40 for a goddamn pair of jeans.

Old Navy Extra Loose seems to work. I can’t fit in any other jeans they sell but the Extra Loose fit well.

Levi’s fit me very well.

Read up.


You’re welcome.

Thanks for the replies everyone, I’ll check out those stores.

And thanks for linking that thread Tedro.

Try being a women with some thigh muscle - apparently, the six inch anorexic look is chic right now.

Anyway, can’t help you with brands. However, you may find this thread useful:


or this one


Being a Denim whore myself…to find jeans that fit the way you want will cost an arm and a “leg”. Being tall and slim waist makes it nearly impossible as well not to mention thighs that might grow. Prepare to spend some bucks…

[quote]threewhitelights wrote:
I just hate paying $40 for a goddamn pair of jeans.[/quote]

Haha damn man. I’ve paid $350.

You can get any jeans you want really. You just have to buy them a few sizes bigger, and use a belt. It does look bad at the top where the belt wrinkles the denim, but unless you’re tucking in, no one will notice.

Loose fit or baggy cut will work.

Why do I feel like I’m at the mall with my girlfriend?

Oh, right. My girlfriend is also a guy with muscular thighs.

[quote] Matt wrote:
Loose fit or baggy cut will work.[/quote]

If it’s your ass that’s the problem, some brands might not work.

Buying jeans has been the bane of my existence for all of my adult life. You have NO idea. Seriously. It’s the same problem we all (on this site) have: big thighs and glutes, small waist.

I will literally spend an hour in a store that has every imaginable brand of jean you can conceive of, from your lame-looking Wranglers and Lees to all the hippest, priciest, coolest-looking jeans there are (PRPS, Sevens, Lucky, Chip & Pepper, etc.), and will try on 15 or so pairs in slow succession, with ZERO success. I’ll start out by explaining my situation to a (hopefully hot :)) sales girl and asking her what the absolute roomiest, loosest-in-the-thigh jeans they have are, aside from silly looking B-ball, hanging off your ass jeans. She’ll suggest one or two of the more hip, designer brands that she knows to be looser and she’ll dig out the most “relaxed” fit of those brands in my size.

I will try them on. Not even close. Probably won’t come past the mid-thigh level, or might, but then crush my twig and berries all the way to the inside of my ass, never to be seen again. Like the damn things are spray-painted on.

Next, I will try those same brands (if they were anywhere near having a prayer of fitting) in a size that’s one size too big. (I wear a 34 waist, so I’ll try them in 36, figuring I can get the waist taken in if need be). No dice. Either the thighs/ass are still way too tight, or the waist and hip area is SO loose that even having it taken in wouldn’t look remotely right.

I will repeat this two-step process about 6 to 8 times, bringing 2 to 3 pairs into the dressing room with me each time. I will feel bad for the cute sales girl, who is really spending serious time with me and trying hard to help me out. She will sometimes stand outside the dressing room after handing me another pair to try on and and will ask, after a minute or two, “How do those fit?” I will reply “Like a Japanese condom,” and hand them back to her. She will pause for a second or two and then let out an embarrassed laugh, realizing what I meant by that.

By this point I will be tired, frustrated, hungry, back and forehead dripping with sweat from the lack of ventilation in the dressing room, having stabbed one or both of my feet at least once with the invisible pins hidden in the carpet of the dressing room, hungry, longing for food and caffeine, pissed off, and will be openly cursing the pansy-assed “designers” who designed jeans that only some emaciated, heroin-addicted, pussy of amibiguous sexuality could or would ever wear.

I will thank the sales girl for all the time she spent out with me and I will leave, on a quest for food, coffee, and possibly a shower, planning to possibly return in 3 to 4 months time when the next season’s wonderful offerings have hit the store shelves, hoping that the pendulum of what’s “in” in the designers’ minds will have by then swung back to a more “relaxed” jean fit as opposed to a spray-painted on look.

Talk about a massive pain in the tits.

For the record, about 2 years ago I bout a pair of COOL AS SHIT looking PRPS (Japanese brand, about $250) that were nice and loose in the thighs, fit well in the waist, had an awesomely cool, semi-beat-up look to them, nice darkish blue but faded nicely in places . . . and I’ve loved them ever since. Since then, even PRPS has gone to a fit that makes their loosest models waaaay to skinny for me to get into. Hopefully that will change again soon.

Mavi jeans (whatever their loosest model is) tend to fit me just fine but they just look super-boring/plain to me. Hey, I’m in New York – we try to do it with style. :wink:

Unfortunately, I have no advice for you. :frowning:

[quote]Damici wrote:
Unfortunately, I have no advice for you aside from silly looking B-ball, hanging off your ass jeans.[/quote]
Fixed it for you.

I’ve found some comfortable jeans at Old navy and I’ve had good luck with LL Bean for both jeans and dress pants. Their relaxed and natural fits are loose. I’m not Quadzilla but I need a lrger than normal pant. I like having pleats in my dress/work pants. Their shirts are roomy, too.


I wish I had an opportunity to post sooner so someone would see this!


Mountain Khaki makes good pants for people with large legs. I actually think J-Crew makes good, comfortably fitting jeans. You may just have to get a bigger waist size.

I actually found that JCPenny’s Arizona brand jeans in a loose or relaxed cut work pretty well for me… and if you’re patient, you can pick them up on sale for $15 to $20 a few times a year.