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Buying in Greece

[quote]gswork wrote:
DOOM wrote:
From what I’ve understood, you should buy the stuff they manufactore in the said countries. If you buy some ‘imported’ anabolics from a turkish pharmacy you might still end up buying fakes, especially if you’re a foreigner. :slight_smile:

Interesting - is it anyone’s experience?

What then is made in


as examples.

there must be other places where OTC is ok too, Mexico and much of south America, Thailand and various places in SE Asia

I’d guess at some other European countries too.

Shame there isn’t a website updating on all this, but then it would be quite a lot of work to bring all that info together.[/quote]

I guess Egypt is safe for their sustanon… guess test is pretty safe choice in general, it’s the anabolics especially the rare (more expensive) stuff I’d think twice before buying.

So anything new about Greece and anabolics?