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Buying HGH, Online, at 58-Years Young, with Doctor Script


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I’m 58-years young and have a steady endocrinologist. She just did a full blood work-up on me (1-2x per year). Previously I was taking a source of Humanatrope, from E.T. (Mexico). He was a trusted and straight-up guy. He’s having some challenges now and I wanted to order more HGH. My ranges are way below normal (normal for 58-years young). Yet my Testosterone is above normal. Endo says that’s probably my body’s way of compensating for the low IGF-1 values. My DHEA (I supplment with the raw bulk powder from Amazon) is in good ranges. Bare with me, I’ll get to the point in a bit. So, I’m going after gymnastics work (inverts, plange, one-arm handstand,etc.) training and hope to get there in 12-16-months. My strength and vitality is a bit of an issue, compared to before. I’m still a super energetic and muscular guy (genetics) but, something is missing, if you get my meaning? Okay, the questions:

  1. Do you suggest I supplment (back to my youthful levels) with Testosterone and insulin or HGH?
  2. I see Jintropin is the more affordable brand now. I’m stationed in Singapore so, don’t have the chance to pop down to the border (California) to grab my own. My endo has given me a script and says “Bill, let’s see how you do for a month or two, first”. Any other thoughts or suggestions?


Please post some lab work with ranges.

CBC with hematocrit
fasting cholesterol
fasting glucose

1iu hGH SC ED will provide youthful IGF-1 levels.

When you take hCH, you are not adding GH, you are shutting down your own production. So those with the lowest IGF-1 levels get the largest relative benefit.

Your IGF-1 labs will indicate if the product is good or bunk. There are some scams for counterfeit product.
What were prior results and benefits? This seems to be simply switching sources.

Sounds like your T is good. Need labs, you probably don’t need TRT.

I do not see what you would want to play with insulin.
Metformin has may benefits beyond glucose control.


Thanks for replying KS. Here are my test results (attached)


For your T levels, your HTC, RBC and hemoglobin are light weight. This might be indicating a low level GI bleed which could be detected with an occult blood test. This can be from certain food sensitivities or?

You could try to move DHEA-S[04] towards mid-range. Can you get DHEA there?

Is there a second page to the labs?

Low long have you been off of hGH?


Hi KS, woke up to pee and heard my computer chiming. I really appreciate you taking the time to help me through this. Here is the DHEA I’ve just ordered from Amazon (started taking a measured amount of 45-50mg per day…hope I’m measuring it correctly. Its seems so little compared to the capsules I took before: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00IYWBKXM/ref=sr_ph?ie=UTF8&qid=1452975592&sr=1&keywords=dhea

And here is the attached second page of the lab report.

I’ve been off HGH for about 7-8 years. Same endo, at that time, said we didn’t want to make my pituitary gland lazy. So, she prescribed DHEA (25mg) along with L-Arginine (2.0 grams per day and L-Ornithine (1gm per day). I’ve stopped taking the Arg/Orth as I didn’t think it was really doing anything. Oh, and to offset any adverse affects from DHEA I take two tablets of GNC ZMA, nightly.


Oh, and I was advised to supplment with iron and vitamin c as (same endo) mentioned I was quite low on iron. Was that what you were refering to? I’m now on 30mg of iron and 500mg vitamin c per day. Along with that I take a multi-vitamin…that’s it.


Last, last thing–then I’m back to bed, its 4am–at the same time my colon ultra sound was sparkling clean.


It is still odd for a male to have those blood numbers with those T levels.
Males typically do not need iron and should avoid iron fortified foods and supplements.

Are you eating red meat there?
Anything unusual with your diet.

GI bleed can still be there. Occult blood test is a simple thin. A smear of poop is all that is needed.

Multi-vits contain iodine & selenium?


I wasn’t eating much red meat. Mostly chicken and predominately Whey/Cassein Protein powder. I’ve now switched to (in last two months) to Pea/brown rice protein powder.

As a test subject for my female fat-loss-seeking clients, I used myself as a guinea pig and trialed a lot of 1/2 day, keto, and other restrictive diets. Did that for online transformation contests too. Did the contests just to have something to push me towards new challenges, since I’m not stateside.

As for “GI bleed” I hadn’t even thought about that. Heck, this is the first time I’m hearing about it. I don’t even look at my stools. I’m gonna start. So, I should probably lay off the iron tabs?

This is my Opti-Men multivite composition of: Iodine (As Kelp) 150 Mcg Selenium (From Selenomethionine) 200 Mcg

And you mentioned “those blood numbers with those T levels”. Can you explain the weirdness of it?


And KSman, I don’t know where you came from, who you are, or what you aspire to be. But, know this: you are my momentary super hero. I just didn’t know this s**t before. Your concise, concern and compassion for my situation (and others I’m sure) is something so dearly missing in today’s tech treachery. Where this goes and however my outcome please know I greatly appreciate your wisdom and guidance. Wurd-Up!


Your blood numbers, HTC, hemo and RBC are low for a guy with your T levels. We see blood like that with low T guys. Do take iron for now.

You cannot see blood in your stool. That is why its called an occult [hidden] blood test. Results will clarify the situation.

Thanks for the notes of appreciation!


I am a retired engineer, came from Canada.


Ahh, okay. I’ll go get it done.

I notice many chatting about TRT (and HGH).

What are your thoughts about
my getting started with that, to bring me up to youthful (NOT beastly) levels?

And if so, what are your thoughts about where and how much to get?


I’ve since followed your earlier posts. Incredible giving Mr. KSman.


Discussion of sources for controlled substances is not encouraged. Creates legal liabilities as sites that do this get taken down.

1iu per day would make a big difference for you. It will take 6 weeks to really notice the effects. Then do labs and see how effective your liver is at generating IGF-1 in response to the GH.


Oops, sorry about that KSman. I wasn’t aware.