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Buying Headset


I've been running with a gaming headset for quite a while now(Logtitech G35), but recently I've come to realise that I'd much rather have a headset that's made for music playback. So I ask you if any of you have any recommendations?

I've been eyeing the Grado SR80i, which seems to have overall positive reviews. Any thoughts or experience with this piece or brand in particular?


I also quite like the look them (Grados)


A friend of mine has a pair of those. They sound great and are very comfortable, I was playing BC2 with them just yesterday :smiley:


Exhibit A: Astro A30's

I bought the complete set for both gaming and music and they are really, really good.

I find that I use them over my home theater system for gaming, and they are great for music too (all the earbuds I've ever owned pale hugely in comparison - and they don't last).

Check out the IGN review - 9.7/10.