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Buying HCG and Arimidex


well, just started TRT.
i need to get on HCG or Arimidex along with the test.

my question is about alldaychemist.
for real? am i going to get nailed for ordering from them?

what is the risk here. forfieture of items or jail?

what about these "research" outfits
any help would be great


Why do you think you need to get on hcg and arimidex? Do you have bloodwork demonstrating high E2? Are your balls shriveled and pulled up?


Shrunken in size and pulled up.
Looks like I just got out from swimming in an ice bath.
Had what I call "brain fog " for last few years. Among other problems associated with low T. I tested low, doc did a 24 hr urine lab test, not blood test.
Just started test cyp 2 weeks ago. Amazing help on most of my issues. Balls shrunk up and pulled up tight almost immediately though.
Hence my desire for the hcg.
I am also getting that " foggy brain " feeling again. Which I attribute to e2. I will look at my lab and see, but if memory serves, test was very low and e was somewhat elevated.
After much reading, seems that an AI and HCG might be warranted when on TRT.


They certainly are when you have a demonstrated need and aren't just taking them because you read on the internet that you need to.

ADC is good to go.