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Buying Flax Seed/Oil

I live in Michigan. I am looking for an economical source to buy flax oil/seed. Has anyone found good sources?

Flaxseed oil is really cheap at Nature’s Distributors and they offer free shipping:

www.naturesdistributors.com/ WorldsFinestFlaxProducts.html

Check out Netrition.com

How do they keep it from going rancid when its sitting on the hot ass truck? I would love to order flax online but the temperature issues scare me.

Heat is only a problem after the flax oil has been opened and exposed to air/oxygen. The heat increases oxidation rate but with the sealed bottle, all air/oxygen is evacuated and any air space in bottle is filled with inert gas (nitrogen) so no air/oxygen is present in sealed, unopened bottle for oxidation to occur. Sealed bottles should be safe to ship and a few days in truck shouldn’t be to big a concern. After all, no matter where you end up buying it, it comes on a truck from factory to warehouse to store.

I buy mine at a health store. buy a big bottle to save some $. I’d buy online too, but the rancid oil thing really turns me off. whereabouts in michigan do you live?

You know what. i never even thought about it like that. what did i think? they make it at the store i buy it from? i can be a damn dumbass sometimes.

With the rancidity issue, I’d be more concerned with buying to big a bottle where it sits opened for to long time before can be used up. For the few dollars involved, I’d buy smaller bottles so that they stay fresh while I can use them up. Better yet, buy flax seed at health food store and grind up in blender and add ground flax to all your food after cooking. That’s what I do.

I personally buy from Nutritionexpress.com, I buy their house brand (it’s either called Lindberg or Nutrionexpres) and it’s great. The stuff tastes awsome, but does get kinda rancid in 3-4 weeks. It is the “freshest” tasting that I have tried and it’s a great price.

I live downriver Detroit, Taylor to be exact.

Barleans is a quality flax manufacturer. Go to Barleans.com and check it out. Also, some flax oils come with various antioxidants added as preservatives to prolong shelf life and reduce chance of rancidity.