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Buying Fish Oil online

Hello, I have been reading T-mag for about 2 months now and I love it! Absolutely awesome stuff here.

I just had a quick question to see if anyone knows where to buy some quality fish oil online? (somewhere that ships overseas)

Thank you. Any suggestions would help.


Hi, arthurm, welcome to the forum! I’ve been buying Barry Sears’ pharmaceutical grade fish oil. It is very expensive but seems to be very high quality as well. (I judge the quality by the amount of GI distress I experience.) I guess the goal is to get as much EPA and DHA as possible per unit of oil, and Sears is great: 2.5 grams/teaspoon.

However, iHerb is often recommended here as an online source for fish oil. Their Health from the Sun has about half the EPA+DHA per teaspoon, but is 10 times cheaper. And they ship overseas. http://www.iherb.com/

I use Twin Lab fish oil. I get it at the local health food store, 17 bucks for 90 caps.

I’ve tried several brands, and it is the only one which doesn’t result in fish burps.

My wife uses Coromega(www.coromega.com), which we were introduced to by Alwyn Cosgrove.

It is orange flavored gel, kinda like flinstone chewable vitamins. Price works out to be the about same as caps. No burps or other nastiness with these either.

iherb is top notch; they usually have mine here the next day with free shipping.

iHerb and TwinLab both good. You can also buy they very best at “lifeextension.com”. They not only sell the finest supplements, such as fish oil, but also have the latest cutting edge information on anti-aging.

It’s sort of like T-Mag in that it has great inforup by quality supplements.

As someone else who’s overseas and has ordered a bunch of fish oil in the past, I can recommend either Netrition or ourhealthcoop.com. Both give good service.

im new at the fish oil stuff. So say, I want to look into the iherb.com.
which one of these is a good one? What is “expensive” and what is a “good deal” or should i goto another brand?

Go with the Health From the Sun Liquid Fish Oil.

Definitely Health From The Sun, and definitely from iherb. Good price and fast.


Thanks for your help guys!


Why do you guys need to order it online? Isnt it available where you live?