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Buying First Motorcycle


Hey Guys,

I have always wanted to get a motorcycle. Now that I have a pretty good job for a college kid, it might happen. I don't have any experience on bikes but I plan on taking the MSF class. I like the cruiser and standard look as oppossed to the crotch rocket types. These are the models I have been looking at.

Harley 883 Sportster
Honda Shadow VLX
Shadow 750 ACE
Yamaha V-Star
Kawasaki Vulcan 800
Suzuki Intruder 800

I'm about 5'11" and 185lbs, I plan on going to a shop to make sure the bike fits me and whatnot.

I appreciate your help.




Tsk tsk Prof that whole thread is about sportbikes. Standards and cruisers are a completely different animal.

Someone give Gojira a ringy dingy.


I have said this before, grab something easy to ride first. Figure out what you are doing and then buy something larger. Everyone has a different opinion about this. This is mine. I have owned 17 Triumph 650s and 2 Harleys. Learn to ride first and then buy a "pecker" machine.


RoadWarrior has it right. Get something used.

When you drop it you won' feel as bad.

Ride it for a year or two and then if you think you need a new bike, go for it.

Cruisers are heavy, they may not be an ideal first bike. Standards may be a better choice, but that is up to you.


I was actually hoping to change his mind on that.


I agree with what everyone here is telling you too. Get a smaller used cheap bike for a couple years and you'll have a better idea what you want. Also will be cheaper insurance for your first years. You'll probably find a 750/800 is too small and have a bunch of money tied up in it and excessories etc. I got back into biking a few years ago and was concidering buying a Vulcan 800 but went with a Vulcan 1500 and am glad I did. My only regret was not going for the Nomad because I'm adding so many excessories on it it's becoming basically a Nomad.
my 2cents...


Hey Prof. X...why are you recommending the guy to change his mind about a cruiser?

The thing is, once I get to the US...I'm planning to get a cruiser. Are cruisers to hard for newbie rider to master?

Personally, I wouldn't get a sport as my first bike.


Aside from the chopper in the picture, I just don't like the look of most cruisers. It is a matter of personal style. If I were going to buy a cruiser, it would be at least similar to this one. Otherwise, I like sportsbikes better. You can buy whatever bike you want to buy.