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Buying First Car


Today I'am buying a1993 Honda Prelude with a body kit. Umm a few questions though.

During the deal I get the title, bill of sale. Then at the DMV I tag and register it?

Please help a fellow t-man out as soon as possible.

A PM would be great thanks.

Also what else do i need to look out for thanks


Sounds about right. I think you only get a bill of sale if buying from a dealer. Used car sale price is usually a blank to be filled in on the back of the title (varies from state to state I'm sure) - that's my recollection, although it's been a long time.



Alot of times on the back of the title there's a spot where you put the purchase price. If you can, have the seller leave it blank. Then you can write in "gift" or 0.00 so you don't get taxed on it. The bill of sale isn't even needed.