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buying finaplix


I found a legit animal site. Do you think it is safe to order fina off of it? I know it is not illegal , but still. Does this sound 2 easy? its 35 bucks for a cartridge of 10.


it is usually 35 for 1 cart. i dont see any problem other than that.


nothing ventured nothing gained (hint)


all should be well.


It's just that easy. It'll be at your door in 3 days.


its is perfectly legal to buy fina pellets from a vet supply store. i know of a very reliable and completely legal vet store selling 10g boxes for $320. that would be enough for two nice cycles. conversion kits are about $30-$40. you just buy the conversion kit seperate from the pellets. they can sit on your kitchen counter side by side with no legality issues. its once they are converted that you risk being pdog's prison bitch for 5 to 10 years. dont worry though. mdog told me has has a tiny weener.


this sounds 2 fuckin amazing.....each implant has 200mg of tren in it. 10 implants a cartridge for 35 bux. plus conversion kit......tahts like a pretty fuckin sweet and easy 75 dollar cycle. I'm guesing snorting it, or rubbing it in the skin sucks.

Why do or don't you guys use tren.....just curiuos?


2 grams for 35$ quite the deal huh?

once you go fina, youll never go back!


i use tren because it is the most potent steroid on the market. i get great strength gains and pumps from tren and use it in most cycles. cutting or bulking. it is very versatile.


I use tren cause it's the best thing around. And next to test, it's the cheapest.

And like you said...it's just that easy.