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Buying Electronics on Ebay

I have been going back and forth about buying some electronics on Ebay, and was curious what some of your experiences have been either positive or negative? I have my eye on both a PS3, and a camcorder for traveling. Thoughts and input anyone?

I bought a widescreen LCD awhile back off ebay. Was 700 retail and I got it for 450. Quick shipping, flawless product, good experience.

Just look for power sellers with massive positive feedback and you should be fine.

Wow you got a hell of a deal Travacolypse. G

I haven’t bought on Ebay, but I’ve bought electronics on Amazon and have only good things to say. As long as you know what you want, you can get good deals on the internets.


I’ve had only one problem with ebay. That was when I paid for a Sony digital camera and never received it. The guy was saying that he had several cameras, so people were buying them, but in reality he only had one. He ripped off other people as well and the police in his county caught up with him and charged him with internet fraud.

It’s rare, but it does happen. Don’t send the seller a money check or western union. Try to have the transactions by paypal. Look over at the seller’s feedback and avoid shipments from places like Germany, India, or some other foreign country.

If you do use Paypal, do you have a better chance of getting your money back should the seller be a bum? Sorry I am Ebay illiterate.

Yes, you do have lots of protection buying through eBay + PayPal.

Too much if you ask me.

I recently sold a LOCKED Rogers cell phone (works only with Rogers in Canada) to the high bidder in France, who said he would unlock it and then use it there. It was $200 and he didn’t pay for insurance. I shipped, cost me $29, and then he filed a buyer complaint. PayPal said it was my fault for not shipping with a tracking #.

Moral: I was out $229, he had a phone and his money back and it took me 3 months to get Canada Post to cover half my loss. Lesson learned: Don’t trust the French.

As a powerseller on ebay, go with sellers over 50 remarks and at least a 98 percent rating. There are scammers, just google their listing names and you can do your own detective work.
All in all, ebay is good. Go with a delivery or signature confirmation. As a seller, protect yourself.
As a buyer, protect yourself and if not sure ask questions. If the seller is good he will respond in a business like manner. Beware of international sales.

I generally avoid buying retail now. I buy just about everything I want on ebay. The price differences are amazing.

I have bought several things on Ebay. A Garmin GPS, several phone accessories, printers, etc. What I have bought has been new in the box. I have been very happy.

I hate buying from ebay.

Because the brokerage to Canada + shipping is the same as the cost of the product here. And if you find a good deal* in the US 9 times out of ten they won’t ship to Canada.

Good Deal = one that is less expensive then the price + shipping + insurance + brokrage.

With UPS US POST and FEDEX you can expect to pay for brokerage almost as much as the product cost you to buy after bidding or buynow.

A bit of a scam IMO

Bought a Wii and some other electrical devices from ebay, and everything seems to be fine. Make sure to read the descriptions carefully, my roommate once bought a Nokia 6230 for 60 pounds (cost much more at that time) and only saw the notice saying that the screen is broken after paying for it.

I’ve bought lots of things on ebay, including a Laptop - any time I ever had a problem the sellers have always sorted it out to my satisfaction.

Be sure to read listings on more expensive items thoroughly and ensure the seller has lots of good feedback.

I only use eBay for smaller things now, and stick to Amazon mostly. Again, make sure the sellers are legit - any complaints against them and I usually steer clear.