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Buying Computer Help


I'm looking to upgrade my home computer and have found a reasonable deal; since i'm not too computer literate, especially on the hardware side, i'm wondering how the specs of this off-the-shelf machine looks to anyone here who has half an idea. Retail is ~680 USD, which seems relatively cheap. The only reason i posted is to ask if this computer would be decent for playing current games at a decent speed, thanks in advance.

Hardware Specification
* Intel Pentium Processor E5700 3.0 GHz, 2 MB L2 Cache, 800 MHz FSB
* ATI Radeon HD 5570 DirectX 11 Graphics Card with 512 MB GDDR5 dedicated memory on board and D-Sub VGA, DVI-I and HDMI connection (HDCP Support)
* 1TB (1000GB) Hard Drive For more than 200,000 songs or photos (at 4 MB per track/photo)
* 4GB (4096MB)1 DDR3 SDRAM Memory
* Multiformat DVD/CD Burner2 supports all the usual DVD/CD standards, including dual layer DVD-R and DVD+R
* Wireless LAN3 IEEE 802.11 n-standard with up-to 300 MBit/s., IEEE 802.11 b/g compatible3
* Network Controller Gigabit LAN 10/100/1000 Mbit/s
* 6 Channel High Definition Audio4
* PS/2 Keyboard and Optical USB mouse

* Windows® 7 Home Premium (32 Bit preinstalled)
* Microsoft® Office Starter 20105
* Windows® Live� Essentials
* Corel® Draw Essentials
* Cyberlink Power2Go2
* BullGuard Internet Security Pack6


Depends on what you mean by decent games. If you have a look at this chart, you'll see it scores about mid-way in the high end cards - http://www.videocardbenchmark.net/high_end_gpus.html

Personally, I'd get something a bit stronger if you're after playing games. Or, you could just get a console instead, and then get an even cheaper PC.

Your problems are the graphics card and processor, the rest of the components look fine to me. An entry level quad-core processor and a graphics card getting about 1200+ benchmarks would be "decent" for today's games.


This. Consoles are so advanced nowadays.

OP, your picture is great, but are we to understand you want to download the p0rn faster?


What kind of games are you looking to play. It would probably play most games that are out now (though not on highest settings). As RSGZ says, the graphics card is pretty shit, it would likely struggle with new games and especially if you wanted them to look good. The RAM is good but the processor isn't so great.


if you're gonna game, theres no point in having wireless...especially for a desktop. That should do fine (as in, it will run) for gaming. The console idea is bad. Every 3 or 4 years, you have to buy a new one, new games, new accessories and easily spend 600 every few years. With PC gaming, all you gotta do is swap a few parts. The cost of the PC upgrade will be based on how much performance you want to have. FTR - nVidia video cards are the best.

For the money, that will do you fine. If you wanna run everything on the highest settings you're going to run into problems though.


I have wireless on my desktop, no problem here gaming with it. I don't see how it could be - the online game speed is limited by the broadband connection, my wireless signal is strong and doesn't lose packets. I use my console on a wireless connection too.

As for a console idea - every 3-4 years is rubbish. The 360 is now just short of 5 years old, and the newest model is still essentially the same hardware - it's still got a good few years of life left in it.

OTOH, if I get 5 years out of my PC (which cost just under $4k at the start of the year) and have to buy something completely new by then - I'll be fine with it because this type of hardware changes a LOT faster than consoles.


Not looking to play games on their highest settings, never been that interested in graphics, more looking to play games at medium graphic settings with an fps 35<.
Interested in getting BFBC2, GTAIV, possibly Crysis and Portal 2 when it comes out.

Never been into consoles and currently cannot hook one up to the internet, so since i will be definitely buying BFBC2 and looking to play multiplayer, console is pointless.

And just because the system comes with a wireless does not mean I will not be connecting it to my router through a hardwire.

Thanks for the help.


In that case, although I'd still suggest getting a slightly better CPU and GFX card, this should do you fine.

You can always upgrade them at a later stage (which will more than likely be necessary to place the likes of Crysis/Crysis 2).