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Buying Comic Books?

I want to buy some marvel comic books. There are so many different series and eras I don’t know where to start. I’d prefer the comics to be from the last 10-15 years. I also found that comics from a series are generally compiled into one paper back book -similar to what tv series do with box sets- once all the issues in the series have been printed. If I could get a whole series in one book rather than having to collect them all that’d be good for me. There are also crossover series and individual superheros. What came first? Should I start with an individual super hero or start with a crossover series?

I’d start off with the most current story arc of the heroes you like. Incredible hulk, Avengers vs X-men, Uncanny x-force, ect. Trade paperbacks/graphic novels are a good place too. Astonishing X-Men is pretty good.

If you were into DC now is a great time to start reading them. They relaunched all the comics with the new 52.

i started really getting into comics this years, Ive read probably close to two dozen different Batman graphic novels. library in my area’s got a ton. havent read much marvel stuff though, heard the hellboy ones were excellent too

you can get them SOMEWHERE ELSE. if you know what i mean. hint hint wink wink.

ARGHHHH a p_r__e’s life for me?

^yup pirate bay rocks too

ever consider subscribing to the marvel digital library (or whatever its called now)

I would start with the major story arcs (age of apocalypse,siege, fear itself).

When I was a young boy I could buy a comic book for $2.30 Australian. I would by 2-3 comics every week and spend the whole week reading them, re-reading them, analysing them etc. I used to love it.

For whatever reason I stopped reading comic books for 3-4 years, but had one day decided to get back into them. I visited my local comic book store to now learn that a standard comic book cost $6.00 Australian. I know about inflation etc etc, but there is no way I can afford to spend 20 bucks a week on comic books.



i was at barnes and noble yesterday, theyre selling knightfall leading up to the new batman movie, the spread the story into four graphic novels and they were like 30$ each, that sucks ass