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Buying Coconut Oil Online?


Any of you guys buy your coconut oil online? If so from where?

So far this is the cheapest I could find:


1 gallon for $59


Also just found this, which is cheaper for Canadians after you calculate shipping.


Edit: this site offers free shipping to CAN/US for orders over $100


The amazon price is cheaper.... $0.43/oz vs $0.46/oz for the gallon price that you posted. But IDK how well that works for Canadians.

Coconut oil is the best!


Hey man, I've always ordered my coconut oil from here:


I take the VIRGIN DME kind (the best). Also don't pay extra for the glass jar.

Free shipping with over 75$ order and it's usually very fast, 2-3 days. I order other stuff from there like vitamin D, magnesium and fish oil.


The Dime kind is more expensive than the link I posted in the 2nd. But the 1.6L Nutiva on the 2nd page of your site is the cheapest. Why didn't you get Nutiva? Is it a crappy brand?

Also rawnutrition is based in quebec so it will be fast for you.


Hey raj,

Thanks for the tip. Will probably stay with nationalnutrition.ca though.

I checked your second link but Alpha DME more expensive, at least for bigger container. 59.99$ compared to 74.99$.

Never tried Nutiva brand... must be the same thing and a lot cheaper. I just like the taste of mine and don't mind paying 20$ extra since it lasts me 6 months and I cook my eggs with it every morning.