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Buying Bumper Plates

Hey guys I’m looking into buying some bumper plates for a friend of mine for Christmas. I know they are pretty expensive and was wandering where the best deals would be. I’m not exactly looking for the most awesome and advanced ones just some that will do the job and wont completely crush empty my wallet. Thanks.

Check out vulcan

Thank you.

I picked up some of Pendlay’s MDUSA Europe Econ plates maybe about 6 months ago for a home gym and they’ve been perfect thus far. I haven’t seen less expensive bumper plates to be found elsewhere except possibly Craigslist.

I’ve even been loading them with smaller iron plates on the outside (5-15 kg; exactly what you’re not supposed to do to bumpers) and have yet to see any indication of wear or damage.

MDUSA also has free shipping for their bumpers, which is often the wallet-killer when buying elsewhere.

My advice is to buy as close to home as possible. For example, this seller here:
http://www.maxbarbell.com/collections/bars-plates/products/bumper-plates Has pretty good/average pricing on his plates, but unlike other sellers, I can drive to pick them up if I ever want to order some. Shipping on a full set of bumper plates is like $100-150 or so. So regardless of what you buy, you might be better off looking for a shop that’ll do allow local pickup.