Buying Biotest Products From Amazon?

I was wondering if HOT-ROX Extreme on Amazon is the same as the HOT-ROX Extreme from T-Nation. Amazon claims that it’s from Biotest, but it’s also significantly cheaper, the bottle isn’t blue as it’s pictured here, and the word “Extreme” is red and not yellow. Here’s the link:

What about this Flameout:

The Flameout says that it ships directly from Biotest, so I’m a little less apprehensive. A little insight would be appreciated.

Old picture.The fulfillment company could have some old stock that isn’t sold yet, so you could get that. Watch the expiration dates (the later the date, the fresher the product). Chances are though you’ll get some of the latest batches. If you need to save money, and you don’t have a problem with the above, go for it.

Thank you so much for the reply.

[quote]Madman2 wrote:
Chances are though you’ll get some of the latest batches.[/quote]

I wouldn’t count on this.