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Buying an Engagement Ring Online?


Im new to the engagement ring scene. All i know is 4 C's. Thats about it. Now Im not planning on getting engaged or married anytime in the next few months. But its something that Id like to be prepared for when the day comes.

Ive glanced at stores and online. And it seems the online prices are hands down much cheaper. Does anyone have experiance with buying a diamond ring online. Say from ebay? some of the $"s are just amazingly low. How are they able to do this?

Thanks brothers


I know nothing about engagement rings nor have I ever bought jewelery online... But last night I stayed in a Holiday Inn, therefor if you're buying online make sure you buy from a reputable dealer. Ebay has a TON of scams and you never really know what you're going to get.


bluenile.com Will be your savior....also ask around and see if anyone has a jewler that they know. You can certainly go the online route, but nothing beats seeing the real deal in person. Based on looking online I thought I would have to hit the high 3s as far as carats...however seeing it in person, completely changed my opinion.

My brother in law got his from bluenile and it was a big success.


My friend in law school went Blue Nile and couldn't say enough good things.


Forget online. Las Vegas pawn shops can take care of all your engagement and wedding ring needs. Plus you get a trip to Vegas out of it, you know to decide if getting hitched is really worth it.


i heard good things about blue nile as well.

I have also heard people say that you can sacrifice a little bit on color to get a bigger rock and you wont be able to tell most of the time. However, one of my girlfreinds freinds recently got engaged, he bought her a cheap flawed diamond and all of her freinds are talking about how bad they feel for her (catty girls).

its an obstacle to overcome when you get there, nothing to really concern yourself with unless you think you want to get engaged....


I knew nothing about jewelry (and still don't) when I bought my wife's engagement ring. But, get a woman's perspective on it. I took my Mom with me when I went shopping for a ring. It was not online but at a local shop and I got it at a deal. The very feminine guy who was helping us gave the best advice when he asked me "do you think she will like it, that is what is important. It is not necessarily all about the 4Cs of the ring but the woman".

I followed his advice and my Mom's and still get told (when she still wears it) by her friends and family what a good job I did picking it out.


Yeah and ask her friends also...I had my fiance's mother help me, so I would know exactly what she wanted.


I bought the bride online and purchased the engagement ring in store


If you wait for the sales, the the online stores will throw in a ring for free with the purchase of a bride.


Don't do it man.


[quote]MNguns wrote:
Now Im not planning on getting engaged or married anytime in the next few months. But its something that Id like to be prepared for when the day comes.

Have you picked out the bride yet?
Are you planning on proposing this year? Or do you just know someday it will happen?

Might want to wait until you are moved by romance and plans for the future and not practicality. I think most women would want to know the ring was purchased with her in mind. It seems you would want to wait until you are in fact planning on getting engaged.


I bought my wife's on ebay. Amazing ring, for an amazing price.

It's clarity enhanced which I researched. Some people don't like them (purists I guess), but you can get a steal on them.

1 ct center with 1.5 total platinum band for $2700. It's enhanced to VS2 or 1, which ever is better, I forget by now.

If you want to know the ebay retailer let me know. It's appraised for $9k


yeah I definetely would like to know which retailer you got the ring from. I looked @ bluenile.com. They seemed helpful. But still... theyre prices are no where near what you can find on ebay. Idealy id like to one day get a 1.25ct or bigger D,E or F color with close to ideal cut VS2 or better.

I recall seeing several on ebay 1.50+ct F color, S1 or better for under $4k!!!!




what does clarity enhanced mean?


google is your friend. They basically take a laser to the diamond and touch it up to improve it's clarity.

I also believe I got an E color (which ever the 2nd best is)

larrysfinejewelry IIRC is the name of the place on ebay


Engagement rings are such a fucking racket. Mind you, Ill sack up and buy the best i can afford to keep her happy whent he times right. My buddy just got married, guy must have hyooooge gonads, proposed with a fucking twist tie!!!


hmm cant find larrysfinejewelry IIRC anywhere on ebay....


there ya go