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Buying an AK-74


I'm looking into buying (person to person, not retail) a used Romanian AK-74 side folder rifle, with 5 30 round bakelite clips, and about 150 rounds of ammo. I want to give the guy about 400 for it, even though he asked for 500. Am I being reasonable, or am I going to look like a dick when trying to bargain??


why do you need one?

Note: I am against the sales of these and most weapons, but know that I CANNOT do anything to talk you out of buying it!
Im just curious!!


depending on your local gun laws, that may be a steal. if i could buy an ak for 500(and it was clean) i would do it. don't worry about looking like an a-hole, it's haggle time. haggle with everybody about the price of everything.


AK-74 or AK-47?


If that's a milled receiver, that is a pretty good deal at $500. If not, $400 is plenty.


Hell, go ahead and offer $400..you might get it for $450.

Is it hard to get ammo for the the 74?
I've been thinking about an AK-47 but the Russians are being stingy with the ammo.

If you buy it let us know how you like it.

Note: I am very pro-gun and I want everyone to own several!


$500 ain't too bad a sidefolder plus five nags.

How easy is it to get the 5.45 x 39 ammo?


A student from Colorado wants to buy an automatic weapon? Hmmmm....


Thats cruel.


AK rounds are cheap, even the quality stuff. Anywhere from $75-150 per 1000 rounds depending on quality, how they are packed and quanity purchased.

FWIW, the Bulgarian milled AK-47's are the best of the breed....imo


I just spent the weekend shooting an AK (along with various other weapons) and let me tell you, it is a bad bitch. You won't be disappointed. That also seems like a reasonable price.

Just don't go killing anybody.



"In the 1974 [sic], Soviet Army officially adopted the 5.45mm ammunition and the appropriately chambered AK-74 assault rifle as its new standard shoulder arm.
There's also an increasing interest in the 7.62mm weapons since many troops were disappointed by the effectiveness of the 5.45mm ammo during the local conflicts in the 1990s. Some Russian special forces troops (mostly police and Internal Affairs Ministry), currently operating in Chechnya, are using the venerable 7.62mm AKM rifles."


If it's not full auto what difference does it make? The only difference between a sporterized AK, SKS, AR or whatever and my deer rifle is I can actually hit something at 400 yards with it.

The AK just looks scarier I guess.



I know a guy who purchased from them and was very satisified.


You should move to Texas. :slight_smile:


I'm all for guns but it still freaks me out how easy it is to get them. I still am baffled there aren't more public shootings. America truly is the land of hippocrites.

steroids to help build an amazing physique = prison

.50 cal Barrett sniper rifle to shoot down 747 on takeoff = $9,000.


The anti-gunners don't have a clue.


lol, cruel, but I'll take the joke. Actually, it's semi-auto. Of course, you have to have a full-auto permit to own a full auto weapon...


I would definitely try talking the guy down on the price. Most guys who are selling guns legally are used to having to go down on the price that they are asking for it.
Besides, what's the worst that can happen? He makes you pay full price for the thing.
It really is worth the price for it depending on what you want it for. If you are using it for a woods truck rifle and you aren't going to take good care of it it's one of the best guns you can get.

Those Karishnikov rifles are tough as nails. It would also be great for a fun plinking gun if you can get cheap ammo. If you are planning on actually hunting with it I would say skip it and buy something that is a little more practical.


You really need to determine if it is an AK-47 or an AK-74... there is a huge difference. Assuming a typo (AK-47), my top offer would be $450 with all the extras included.

To the anti-gun comments:
2nd Amendment didn't stipulate a reason to own... did it? Look at the violent crime statistics for countries that ban most guns (England or Australia) and compare that to the US. Ours continue to go down and theirs continue to go up.

Florida passed a concealed carry law... crime went down.

When you take all of the drug dealers and gang members out of the "gun owner" statistics, gun owners are probably safer on average than most SUV owners (kill less people per gun than per SUV).

Sorry for the rant, but I think that anyone not prepared to protect themselves and others is an idiot. it is the same as not having smoke detectors and fire extinguishers.

Before anyone asks, yes, I have protected myself, other people's children, and a stranger with weapons on various occasions. Does that make me cool? Not at all. But, I am glad I could do something other than watch those people be hurt or killed.