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Buying A Thick Bar

where can i get one, preferably cheapy or moderatly cheap. im in new england if that helps

You can also put foam water pipe insulation on a regular bar and tightly wrap it with duct tape. Not good for real heavy weights though.

Are you asking for something like the Apollons Axle that is used in strongman?

What’s considered to be relatively inexpensive? The one available on ironmind.com is $135.

Rugby-You’re in a good location. You can contact American Fitness Equipment in Norwell, Ma. It’s run by Joe Cedrone. He makes a lot of awesome equipment for us, for less than Ironmind.

I just got one, a 4 foot pipe 2 1/4 inch diameter. I just take a collar off my 1" bar, slide on the pipe, put the collar back on, and I got a thick bar!!
Didn’t cost a dang thing.
(It is kinda ugly though, oh well, its a bar)


EZ-grips from Ivanko are $30 and let you make any barbell or dumbell into a thick bar. They were reviewed in the following “Stuff We Like” column here on T-mag: http://t-mag.com/html/body_121stuff.html

Note, I don’t have a pair.

Thanks guys, sully im def going to give him a call, when you say he makes your equipment, do you own a gym or are a strength coach or ??

I just tried this and it works awesome. I cut off 5.5 in. off my 4’ 2in. diameter pipe (Hurt like hell, j/k) slid it onto a dumbell handle then put the weights on. I now have a fat handled dumbell and barbell. It rattles a bit but I don’t care.

In faith,

thanks billy, might give it a try if i can get some scrap pipe around here.

He makes them for the training facility I work at, which is geard towards strongman/PL/Oly lifting.