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Buying a Power Rack, Any Suggestions?


I currently train using a squat rack and a pull out bench. It is a great piece of equipment, but due to space issues I am looking to get a power rack with dip bars and a chin bar. Any suggestions? I have been looking at new york barbells equipment. Thanks!



Elitefts.Com stuff


I don't know what your budget is...but I'm getting mine from EliteFTS...the Collegiate Power Rack.


For a budget, the nybarbells is fine. I've had one for about 5 years and it has been very abused, handling upwards of 800lbs and held up well. If money is no concern, then EFS would definitely be where to look.


You have a few options:

1) An Elite FTS Power Rack (with added dip bars). Definitely the highest quality if you can afford it. I like the 3x3 rack like Kuz has: http://www.flexcart.com/members/elitefts/default.asp?m=PD&cid=167&pid=2473

2) Body Solid or NY Barbells Power Rack. I have a Body Solid power rack with the added lat/row attachment. It didn't cost much and works great. If you're not loading more than about 500lbs (even though it's rated for more), then it's a good rack at a good price.

3) Ironmind Vulcan II Rack with dip and chin bar attachments. This is going to be fairly expensive, but it takes up far less space than any of the above and can be folded up and put away when needed. http://www6.mailordercentral.com/ironmind/prodinfo.asp?number=1217%2DDB



I've got this.... http://www.legendfitness.com/equipment.php?id=113
and this.... http://www.legendfitness.com/equipment.php?id=9
and this.... http://www.legendfitness.com/equipment.php?id=33
and this.... http://www.legendfitness.com/equipment.php?id=28

ALL for less than a collegiate rack from elite.

Quality is great and prices are even better. Had the equipment over a year and no problems.


i got a cheap rack.. powertec rack for like 400$.

it's been in 3 hurricanes, had tons of weight dumped on it, and it's still in great shape.

i mean it's nothing major, but it comes with dip bars and has a chinup attachment..

its very good for use in small spaces.. and it's pretty light, can move it around very easy.

if you got cash go with elitefts or sorinex though.. they make top of the line equipment.



If cash is no limit....www.power-lift.com. Probably the finest equipment made. THE choice for top of the line collegiate strength and conditioning facilities.


I probably have the same one and it has held up great. The only thing I don't like, but is minor, is the large pin hole spacing and the fact they don't run all the way to top or all the way down to the bottom. If I where to buy another one, I would make sure the hole spacing was tight and it went all the up and down the verticles.


Sorry to hijack the thread but I'm looking for a rack thats a good price and I was looking at this one and it seems pretty nice, but I can't find the price... which is definitely a problem.



unless it's that much cheaper, I would find a full rack. Much more versatile.



This is a good rack for the price. You'll be happy to buy a new rack 6 years from now when out grow this one.


really good price. That's the one I would buy if $ is a concern.


Two ways....
First, search for "legend fitness and the specific rack number" you will come up with many retailers. OR the way I did it, email the company directly. I was contacted by the president of the company (Kelly) who gave me a great price on the equipment I have. His price crushed all of the online retailers that I found selling Legend Equipment.

Like I have said numerous time before, you will not find better equipment for the price. First choice www.power-lift.com (but very expensive) next is legend fitness. Top of the line quality at a great price.

I don't understand why everyone is on Elite's nutbag especially since they just distribute Williams Strength equipment. If you want the elite stuff why not go to the source (www.fatbars.com). For the price of one rack from Elite I got a whole room of equipement (full rack with weight storage, plate loaded lat pulldown/low row, flat utility, flat to incline utility).


I've never understood this either. I wonder if people even realise.


I appreciate everyones comments. I contacted the guys at legend fitness to see their prices. I will let you know if I purchase anything.


I will give you a GREAT price on ANYTHING Legend Fitness.
PM me.


What's the benefit of the half rack? Does it take up that much less space?


I bought one of their racks and a bunch of other shit from them Because they are a cool bunch of guys who gives back to the powerlifting community by placing articles on their site and this one on a regular basis. Their customer service is top shelf. I have spoken with them several times and have gotten nothing but steller advice and an honest opinion on multiple issues.
Sure Williams Strength Syatems makes the racks they sell. The difference is the EFS racks have 1-2" hole spacing. The WS racks by the pics on their site have 2-3" hole spacing. Maybe the tighter hole spacing is available for all racks, I don't know, but the current pricing for a 3x3 with weight storage is $1250 from WS, $1195 from EFS. Sounds like you got a hella good deal tho.


Definitely has a lot to do with the customer service, their contribution to the community, their website, which is waaaaaay better than WS's...even after WS put together a new site. I sent an email to WS to get some information on their racks and to this day I haven't gotten a response. I ended up having to call them which is a pain in the ass when I'm in Iraq trying to do research for my garage gym that's getting put together when I get home. Conversely EliteFTS always promptly returns my emails. I've chatted back and forth through email with Dave Tate, Jim Wendler, Rhonda, Kris about numerous subjects.

It was actually Hanley's response in this thread, which was created back in June, that clued me into WS being the primary manufacturer of Elite's stuff. I didn't even know anything about WS or that they are about an hour from my house. I'm actually driving up there to pick up my EliteFTS order to save myself $400.00 in shipping in a couple of weeks when I get back home.

When I called WS it was to find out what the cost of their rack is compared to the EliteFTS Collegiate Rack. From Hanley's response, I assumed I could get that exact rack from WS...just no Elite decals on it. If I could save some dough doing that, I figured why not. As much as I want to support Elite, I have to consider the cost. But after talking with WS, I found out that is not the case. To get their rack with all the options that come with the Collegiate Rack, it was going to be more money. And there were a few options that weren't even possible. The hole spacing is the one that sticks out in my mind.

So if Hanley is under the impression that you can just by the same exact racks from WS...that is not the case. If you want a WS rack then you go to WS. If you want an EliteFTS rack then you go to EliteFTS. They're not the same thing. And I don't know what difference the fact that WS is the manufacturer of the racks makes.