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Buying a New (Used) Car.


It's been wittled down to two choices right now.

Ones a 1991 caddy


the other:

better gas mileage
lower total mileage
ghey color

It's going to get me girls lol
Pretty good deal for a caddy IMO, might retain value better
worse gas mileage
higher mileage



Kick "retaining value" out of your vocab for these two cars.

What's your budget? Double it to keep those two jalopis on the road.


Got 3,600 from the accident. Plus another 500 we were going to use to fix the breaks on my old car. Plus another potential 500.


Wisconsin --

check for rust.

I honestly wouldn't buy either of those. Camry, Accord, Maxima, Altima, Civic, Corolla... those are about the only cars I'd look it in the sub $4500k range.

Put a bucket under the caddy to gather the oil...


There aren't many options. My dad won't go for anything with 100k+ miles on it. I used to drive a eagle vision, with 55000 miles on it. Great car. I NEED a car before school starts, and my options are limited. Nearly everythnig in this area is either brand new or 100k+. My options aren't going to change much in the next 3 weeks.


I'm not telling you not to buy the Caddy, just DON'T buy that heap of shit called a Buick. The caddy, on the other hand does look like a nice car for that price (even though its a 1991).

A couple things you have going for you when you buy a car like that Cadillac is that chances are it was owned by an older person that probably wasnt hard on it at all. Judging from the pics it looks like it has been taken care of. Drive it around and listen for any knocks or clunks in the steering and front end, and other than that you should be (sort of) OK. It will probably guzzle gas around the city but on the highway i dont see it being any worse than your average (older) V6.

The drawback i would see, personally, is im not a big fan of driving a boat around town.. haha... i prefer a smaller compact car myself, but thats just preference. If you dont mind chillin' in the Big Comfy Couch, then go for it! I bet its a comfy riding car.



I'm a sedan guy. SO it's all good. Why is the buick shitty. I want the caddy, but I need a reason why the buick is ghey so my parents will go through with it.


Oh, i forgot to mention - one more drawback of having a car like that Cadillac is finding parts. Unless you can find some decent second hand ones somewhere, they are gonna be expensive as fuck. Just a heads up on that.


(Personal Opinions Below)

Well for one its not nearly as nice looking

Secondly, mom had a Buick (same make, 1994) she bought it, paid 2500 dollars for it and within that year the transmission siezed up. A mechanic told her that its a common thing for those cars once they get up in age.

If your gonna buy a sedan, just as well get the cream of the crop!


now, how do I explain this to mom and dad.

"yeah, some guy on the internet told me his mom bought a buick, and it shitted out right away"

I'll google reviews for the car.


I take it your parents want the Buick?



because of the gas mileage. Even though It's not going to be driven much outside of going to school, and to friends houses and stuff.

I think that car looks sweet.



what car, the Caddy or the Buick?


the caddy


Well, i would use this argument about the whole gas milage thing... The Cadillac has a V8, but its a small V8, a 4.8L and it has quite a bit more power than the Buick (~40-50 hp), so that engine, mostly on the highway would have to do less work to retain the same speeds. It also has a 4 speed transmission with overdrive, whereas the Buick has a 3 speed, and that extra gear and overdrive would allow the engine to operate at lower RPMs at greater speeds.

And plus... its a fuckin cadillac! Make the buy it. And make sure you use the whole, old-guy-taken-good-care-of-the-car speech



My neighbor has the exact same caddy. Good car.

And yeah. Gas mileage is not a big deal for you. You need to get your parents to understand that as someone in high school, you can probably make on tank last a lot longer then they think.


I'll try. THanks a ton man.


I agree, I'm working on suckering him into it.

That caddy is sweet.


You could add to your budget by fixing your breaks yourself. Assuming it's just pads/rotors or shoes/drums it is an easy fix that can be done in the driveway in a day for $100 tops, probably closer to $50 if you just do pads and/or shoes.

Only thing in favor of the caddy is it looks a lot cooler and will help in getting laid.


Let us know how it turns out.