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Buying a New Car



I am in the process a buying a new car but I am having a hard time making a decision. It's between 2 cars, the Acura RSX Premium (no leather) or the Subaru Empreza with Sports Package. Both are approx 28 000$ (cdn) and both will cost me between 490 and 510 a month.

What do you think?


Man if it's just between those two...That's a tough one. Acura's have more clout with the name and might be more trouble free...Subaru's have the beauty of all wheel drive...Well, good luck that one! I would pick the Subaru if you're going to be driving in snow at all.


Definitely the Acura RSX Type S. Great car! I almost bought one (have friends and an ex with one). Reliable, sporty, fun-to-drive and gets good gas mileage too. They also have a good warranty and can go 105K miles between tune-ups. They are rated very high in the consumer reports and buyer's guides. All you have to do is put gas in it, change the oil every 5K miles, and rotate the tires. Easy.

I'm not impressed with the Subaru Imprezza (I even had the WRX at one point). Subaru makes great cars, but I would go with something else if sticking with them (like the STi or the new Legacy).


Look into BMW's deals.


Former car salesman talking here, 2 words of advice NEVER EVER BUY NEW!!!! you can get a newer car with more feeatures for less money, and 2 get a car which will cost less in repairs, Acura's, Lexus', are Honda's and Toyota's less money to maintain, higher resale value


Current insurance claims rep talking here, NEVER EVER buy new. You are just setting yourself up to be upside down should you want to sell or have it get totalled later. Look on the used lots, you should be able to find just 1 or 2 year old cars w/ about 20k miles and save thousands or get a way better car for the same money.


The only reason buying new is so attraction is because the APR is set at 1.8%. Whereas, a used car, would cost between 7.5 and 9.5 %



Both good cars to me bro. The Subura however blows it away. It may not be as much of a panty dropper (until they get inside)!!!get the wrx. Watch one rally race and you will want one =*). I have heard almost no complaints from people who have a subaru of any kind. They make a great vehicle to me. You could just buy a Jeep ****ahemm**** .
Good Luck.


I agree completely!!! Buy a good service contract to if you buy from a dealer. Then you are covered after your warranty is up. from me, a current cadillic technician (until i was deplyed anyway =*) )


The only cautionary tale I have is a friend of mine got an Acura RSX a year or so ago (6 speed) and it would constantly pop out of gear on him. He took it back into the Acura dealership 2 or 3 times to get it fixed (gearbox re-built) and eventually one of the salesguys confided to him that this was a problem that happened consistently.

Given the fact that Acura is a quality brand, I would HOPE that in that time, they would have worked out such an issue, but just something to consider.