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Buying a New Bench for Home Gym

Newly single and now in an apartment, I have put most of my gear in storage and now need to buy a new bench. I will be using it primarily for work with powerblocks as well as basic body weight exercises.

I am thinking adjustable is the way to go, but definitely do not want any kind of leg curl attachments. Being able to store it easily would be nice, but I am more interested in stability and durability. I am 6’ 1" and 205.

Thanks for sharing your suggestions.


I have this one and love it. very sturdy, well built. Near gym quality

how do you like the powerblocks?

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I have been happy with them, mainly because of the space savings. I will admit that I get a little nervous doing skull crushers, but I just double check that they are secure before starting!

I have a set of the classic 50s. They are awesome. Not worth the price in my opinion, but if you can get them used it is worth it.