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Buying A Log Press


Anyone know of a site where i can buy a 12" log for very cheap? The cheapest I found was 260 bucks at brutestrength.com that sounds pretty good but I'd like to try to find one less expensive, even if I am sacrificing quality.




I bought the Pitbull 12" log a few months back and love it. I also got it in about 2 weeks. I would stay away from Brutestrength. I have heard nothing but horror stories about the service. ( I had problems with them as well). Also, whatever you do....never, ever order from AtomicAthletic. Crooks.

Go with the Pitbull log....you won't be dissapointed.


Ya, 175 is by far the cheapest I've seen. I'm glad I didn't just shell out the 500 bucks at elite!!!


If you know a welder, you can build one pretty easy too. I have some schematics I can send it you want.

Mine was free from my company, but for a customer would have cost $35.

The only kinda sucky thing is it is real heavy for a log. Unloaded weighs 150.