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Buying a Handgun Today


I've got the chance to pick up a Ruger p95 double action only for 200 bucks. I really want to pick up a Beretta 92 but at this price I can't pass up the Ruger.

I'm buying the gun off of a family member, so I know its in good working condition. Just wanted to know if any of you guys had any experience with this gun? If so, what are your thoughts?

Happy shooting :slightly_smiling:


Get this instead.


hahaha very suttle....yea the Ruger p95 is a really cheap looking/feeling handgun. my friend has one and it feels like a toy...i would just save your money and buy a Sig P250 or even a Glock. thats my 2 cents


you can get a better gun for a little more money.


I have never cared for Ruger semi-autos. I would suggest you save the money, and buy what you really want instead.

Also....just personal preference, but I'm not going into a gunfight with any caliber starting with less than a "4". 9mm is roughly .38 caliber, so thare's something else to think about.


I like the 1911 .45. still my favorite, hands down.


Well I bought it. I like the action on it. Shoots well. Real clean. At the price I paid or it I know I can turn around and sell it for more.

Irish. the 1911's are awesome. One of those was originally what I wanted, but the pricepoint was just too steep. I've shot the Kimber Tactical and I loved it.

Warrior. My old man has the Glock model 22 in .40 cal. Great gun, never jammed in the years he's had it. I find the Glock to be a little top heavy, but who am I to criticize? It's a fine gun all around.

I'll definitely hold onto this one for a little bit, get some use out of it and just turn around and sell it, for 200 bucks I can't complain. Its in great shape and shoots very nice. I just shot a few mags today before I bought it. I'm going to take it to the range tomorrow and put a hundred rounds through it or so and see what I can do.

Here's a pic of the gun and my favorite knife: the Emerson CQC-15. I never leave home without it! The knife cost more than the gun lol.


Good for you, yea i mean you got a decent deal on it and i guess its good if you just wanna put some lead down the range...but like others said, if you want a legit gun, just start saving and get the right one...I have always big a Sig guy when it comes to handguns but thats just me, everyone has their own preferences and likes/dislikes for every gun and every caliber...but! i will say, i also agree with MapWhap in terms of getting nothing smaller than a .40 cal, i mean if you wanna put someone down, a 9mm just not gonna do it, way to high velocity and small round....a .40 or .45 will put em down


I've never quite bought that argument. My 9mm holds 17 rounds. Who is not going down after 17 rounds?


Attention all people who've been shot with a 9mm, you're not dead please get up and resume your life. Sorry had to do it.
Shot placement is 100x's more important that caliber. If someone shoots me in the arm with a .45 but I 2 in the chest and one in the head with a 9, who wins? BTW I carry a .45 or a 9mm depends on what I'm wearing.


ITT: Hardasses


Yes, shot placement is very critical, but have you ever been in a shooting situation in home defense or where your life depends on a shot?? Putting a bullet into someones skull is much harder than one might think. So to counter your questions would you rather be hit in the shoulder area with a shitty 9mm that will most likely go straight through a person, or be hit with a .40 or .45 caliber that will absolutely destory anything it hits?? Sorry, but if my life depends on a single shot i want something thats gonna do damage and not need 17 shots


Somebody find the chart with defensive pistol ammo in different calibers. They all penetrate the same distance and are the same diameter within hundreds of an inch. The "knockdown power" argument is full of fail and aids. You have to hit the CNS or put enough holes in arteries for the bad guy to bleed out, and even then the bad guy isn't going to die until he's ready to.

[sarcasm] Or just rack the slide on your shotgun to scare them away [/sarcasm]


Yes, i guess in the end just keep your shotgun at the ready with the 00 chambered!


Not to mention the issue of over-penetration in a home-defense scenario, although this may be avoided with hollow points.

On the other hand, 9mils are said to be large enough to cause hydrostatic shock just as much as .45's.
I guess in the end it all boils down to what gun you are most comfortable using, since simply owning a pistol makes you about as much armed as owning a guitar makes you a rock star.


I've never quite bought that argument. My 9mm holds 17 rounds. Who is not going down after 17 rounds?[/quote]

Damn, mine only holds 10...I guess I'm fucked.

In terms of home defense, (which of course is one of the reasons I bought this gun) I may try and trade the DAO model for one with a rail mount so I can put a flashlight on it. Correct me if I'm wrong, but there doesn't seem to be a way to mount it without a rail? I also wouldn't mind having the double & single action model with a safety. Just a thought.


You don't think a .357 magnum would suffice? Yeah, yeah it only has 6 shots, but for a house gun that should be enough (or so i'd think)


Unfortunately it seems most companies only make light mounts for Sigs, HKs, Berettas, and Glocks without rails. With your pistol you can either hold a full size light in your support hand and while also holding the pistol, cross your hands and press the outside of your hands against each other. Or get a flashlight like this https://www.fenix-store.com/product_info.php?cPath=22&products_id=2237 and "cigar hold" it in your support hand.

A DAO gun is perfectly fine for home defense, and even has advantages over DA/SA. You only have to learn one trigger pull and by not having a safety you remove one step when deploying it in a high stress situation. Just make sure to buy a holster so in case you have to grab it in the middle of the night, you don't mistakenly pull the trigger and fire a round.


Sorry. It wasn't my intention to start an argument over caliber and "knockdown power". The best gun to carry is the one you have with you, as they say.

Also, someone mentioned the .357 magnum caliber. That is certainly a notable exception to the "bigger than 4" rule.

As has been demonstrated in numerous wars and police shootings, however, I think it really comes down to three issues, especially with handguns:

  1. shot placement
  2. caliber
  3. the type of round (i.e. ball or hollow-point of some kind)

I'm not sure who mentioned it earlier, but that stuff about all the rounds penetrating the same into ballistic gelatin doesn't really matter to me. Gelatin doesn't shoot back. I have taken the time to read up on police and combat shootings and how the various rounds perform in the real world.

The last time I checked, although it's been a while, the 125 grain .357 magnum JHP had the highest number of one-shot stops. I believe the 230 grain .45 caliber came in second.

Neither the 9mm or the .38 caliber has a good reputation as a man-stopper in the real world. Have people died from them? Certainly. Would I trust my life to one of those rounds? No.


Taurus also makes 8-shot .357 revolvers.
Or you could get a semi chambered for this round (SigP226, etc. which can hold up to 14).