Buying a Car

So, not another one of those threads.

My lease (yes, I know…) is up in December, and there’s no way I’m leasing another car. This time, I’ll be getting a cheaper one, and paying in full. So, I dont need advice on that.

I am curious, though, for anyone’s advice/experiences with buying cars from a private seller, as opposed to a used one from a dealer.

The car I’m looking for is a second generation Acura CL. So, it’s a good, reliable car. The biggest problem with this car is they’re hard to find, especially in the 6 speed version, that I want.

I’ve found a couple of them, all for sale from private sellers. I havent got the first clue about how to go about buying a car from someone.

I know I’m not going to get a warranty, but is there anything I should be worried about not getting a car through a dealership?


Thanks in advance.

My friend got his on Ebay. He called me up, flew out from Massachusetts. I picked him up, we drove to Compton the next day and he got his car and drove all the way back. He told me he was relying on Ebay’s guarantee, and it looked like everything worked out. I’d probably try that or CarMax. I’d avoid private sellers b/c there’s no third party guarantee.

I’ve owned numerous vehicles (truck, motorcycles, watercraft), and I’ve bought them all from private sellers.

Generally they like either cash or some sort of certified check. You can talk with them about this, but I’ll say that if you’re going to get a deal, cash is the best way to go.

Get a good mechanic that you trust (or ask your buddies if they know one) to check the car over. Generally, if the mechanic works on cars daily, he’ll know what to look for on that particular model.

IMO there’s no reason to be worried about buying from a private seller; there are a lot of great deals out there.

EDIT: I forgot to mention, make sure you get the title transferred to you and a bill of sale.

Word of warning on the CL. Make sure you stick with the 6speed. The automatic on those cars is notorious for failing and its not cheap to fix.