Buying a Bodybuilding Program for Type 1A

Hi CT,

I took the Neurotype test and wanted to buy a Bodybuilding programs from Thibs Army but I see that you are suggesting the Strength building program for Type-1A. Though my Neurotype results suggest a strong Type-1A I don’t want to do a strength program at the age of 39. I have worked out for more 20 years now and wanted to try out something new but heavy weights make me feel crappy, introverted and quiet after the workout.

I still want to make more muscle but a strength program I don’t want to do. I will admit I made very good gains on Starting strength and felt good with it almost 4 years ago.

Please suggest what can be my options ? I went through several of your videos and articles for Type-1 A but am not sure how it will fit into Hypertrophy work.

Below is a image of my neurotyping result


From your response on heavy strength work, and your interest in some bodybuilding work, it seems to me that you are more like a 2A, that needs some of both in his programs. Or as he or she pleases, do what you want to do the most at any specific time.

I will rather wait for Coach to reply, and to verify my deduction, so that you don’t jump the gun.

Maybe try with some ‘‘power-building’’ programs, where there is some ‘‘heavy-ish’’ strength work in the beginning of the session, followed by bodybuilding/isolation work at the end.

Heavy-ish meaning in the 5-6 rep range for the big compound movement in the first exercise.

Thanks Matej. Let’s wait to see what CT has to say. the test asks questions from all sphere’s of life, maybe I am not really a 1A in training. Also like I said a very intense workout drains me for 2-3 days and I want to be in the Gym in 48 hours. Might also be that I otherwise have a busy life and high levels of stress. 2 Kids that jump around all the time :slight_smile:

How about before your strength work you do some isolation/machine work? That way you’d be warm and your loads on the strength exercises will consequently be reduced.

This would be an example of how to do that

Thanks Allberg. This is something I never tried. I always do my core lifts before the isolation work. I will definetely try this. Also I am thinking to add a lot more isolation work into my lifts. Too heavy = Too taxing on nervous system.

That looks solid. I reformatted it because doing work sets that aren’t hard sets (taken to failure) sounds like straight up junk volume for a type 1. So every set is an all out set. Warm up is ramping up sets of 1-3 reps and isn’t written below = just do as many easy quick sets to feel ready to attack all out sets with maximal intensity

Monday- Legs

Lying leg curls - 2x 6-8
RDL’s - 1x 8-10
Leg press - 2x8-10 (these before squats to help loosen up the hips)
Squats or Front squats - 1x 8-10
Hack Squats (close stance) - 2x 8-10

Tuesday - Chest/Tris/Calves (can superset tri’s calves to cut down workout time)

Incline Dumbbell Press - 2x 6-10
Flat Barbell Press - 1x 6-10
Dips (lean forward) - 2x 6-10
Lying Behind the head extensions - 2x 8-10
French Presses - 2x 8-10
Standing calf raises - 3x 8-10 (1-2 mins rest)

Thursday- Back/Bis/Abs (Can superset bis/abs to cut down workout time)

Barbell Rows - (torso at 45ish degree angle) 2x 8-10
Close neutral grip pulldowns - 2x 8-10 (really like 3 sec negatives on these)
Seated close neutral grip rows - 2x 8-10
Pinwheel Curls - 2x 6-10
Alternating Dumbbell curls - 2x 8-10
Cable rope crunches - 2x 12-15 (1-2 mins rest for abs)
Weighted Leg Raises - 2x 12-15

Saturday - Shoulders/Calves (can superset traps/calves to cut down workout time)

Seated Overhead Dumbbell Press - 2x 6-10
Cable lateral raises - 2x 8-12
Seated Dumbbell lateral raises - 2x 8-12
Incline Bench Rear delt raises - 2x 12-15
Shrugs - 2x 8-10
Seated calf raises - 3x 8-10

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Although me personally I’d rather train legs on a saturday, sleep as much as I can afterwards, and have a bit of a cheat day on Sunday (with high salt). Other workouts don’t impact my week nearly as much

I also have a hard time doing more than 2 groups a day so I’d do legs / Chest tri / back bi / shoulders abs+calves superset but that’s me.

The original plan might work for a 1B also, especially if super-setting.

Yeah I’d see the original plan being fine for a 1B

Mostly tailoring it for a 1A

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I know. Just figured I’d add some value for other potential readers of the thread.

Can probably be combined with Pump Down the Volume so,

Phase 1: Normal sets to failure
Phase 2: 6-8-10 drop-sets or mechanical drop sets
Phase 3: Rest-pause
Phase 4: Double Rest-pause
Phase 5: DRP + EQIs