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Buying a Big Mirror



I want to buy a large mirror for my home gym.

Anybody know where to find something like that?



I have two in my garage. They are mirrored doors off an old built-in wardrobe. Cost me nothing except a hole in the wall when I removed the wardrobe.


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i don't know where to get mirrors.


check a glass contractor in the yellow pages, Glazier I think thats how its spelled, they will usually do mirrors or if not will have a sub that does them if you tell them exactly what oyu want. will be a few bucks though since it will be new work, try to find them cheap used, or maybe put a few smaller ones together. BB


Make sure the glass is thick, don't buy some warped piece of shit.


Any glass or shower door contractor will be able to help you out.


Yep, I just called my local glass company and told them how big I wanted it and they made it, brought it out and hung it for me.


Problem solved...I was going to suggest the porn store...


I bought mine at home depot for about $10 each. In the Mill Works department the sliding mirror closet doors come in with broken panels and have a perfect mate. You just remove the frame.


Another way would be just to remove the mirror above your bed. Everyone still has these don't they.


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