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Buying A Bench

Heres my situation, I’ve been in need of a good solid bench to replace the piece of junk I have in my weightroom. Does anyone have any idea where I could find a sturdy bench online? I’m willing to spend up to $200-250. Thanks.

If you do finnd a deal online you will get hit with the S&H. Imagine the weight of the bench in a box. The freight charges are gonna be crazy.

A lot of sites have free shipping on benches.




If you want Cheap, check out New York Barbell (newyorkbarbell.com).

If you want Good, hit eliteFTS.com.

Sadly the two rarely come together…

I recommend getting a nice competition style flat bench from Elite ($219). Or, if you need something that inclines and/or declines, they sell those too.

Thanks for the help guys, I went with http://www.fitnessfactory.com/...spx?ItemID=315