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Buying a Battle Rifle


After reading a copy of Boston's Gun Bible loaned to me by a friend, I have been convinced the time has come to own a battle rifle for a few reasons.

  1. There is no reason to believe that it will even be legal to own such weapons in 5 years. (ala Brady Bill clones)

  2. All of our freedoms hinge upon the people's RIGHT to revolt. (The true purpose of the 2nd amendment) The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in govt."--Thomas Jefferson

Is this reasoning crazy? Most everyone I know says that I am nuts for thinking this way, but it seems to me that we are slowly losing our rights by both the republicans and democrats. I just kind of want to have a backup plan in case the country decides to revolt. I am certainly not some crazy neo-nazi or anything, just a regular freedom loving American. (though I don't know if that is regular anymore) I am not saying I have any plans do anything with them right now, I just think it is a good idea to have a backup plan.

Fortunately I live in Idaho where gun rules are pretty lenient, so I think the time has come to but one. (I already own a Berretta 96 pistol). So from the gun owners out here, any recommendations? I am currently leaning toward an M14 and thinking of getting an AR-15 for the girlfriend. Also, how can I get a gun with minimal paperwork?



"If there's one thing this last week has taught me, it's better to have a gun and not need it than to need a gun and not have it." - Clarence Worley, True Romance

It's not TJ, but I think it fits the bill.



You are obviously in the pay of the NRA. You cannot be trusted with anything. I'll take that gun and hopefully your vote.


chuck "we are going to declare war on John Roberts" schumer


Are you serious?

Why do you need to purchase an assault rifle with little paperwork?

Do you fear a Canadian invasion of Idaho?

If you are looking for a hunting tool, use something designed for that. The proletariat is not going to rise up and overthrow the government. People exercise the social contract through ballots not bullets.

If you want to use these weapons and demonstrate your true American patriotism, join the military.


He wants one for the sheer pleasure of owning and shooting one.

He wants minimal paperwork so when the political pendulum swings the other way and the Democrats try to outlaw them again he won't be forced to give it up.


Because I do not like the idea of the government knowing that I own a gun. Take Kalifornia for example. Assault rifles are illegal there. Well they are not illegal but the state seems to think they can supercede the Bill of Rights and proclaim them illegal. As such, when the feds think they can do the same I will still have control of my rifle.

I disagree. I vote in both the primary and general elections because I believe in the system. However, The people CAN rise up and overthrow the government if necessary, though I would like to be clear in that I am not advocating that so as to protect me from the ATF and FBI thugs from knocking at my door. (and because I really feel that way) That is why the second amendment exists though, to PROTECT us when our government is out of control and begins to stomp on our "inalienable rights". The only reason those rights exist is becuase better men than myself stood up to fight for them. You cannot honestly tell me that we are truly free here. Our current government is a mockery of what it was intended to be. Centralization of power is another dangerous precedent to make us vulnerable to future tyrants. While I still believe in the electoral system, I did NOT vote for the judiciary, and they are making most of the rules these days anyway. [/quote]

Picking up a rifle to join the military does not a patriot make. I am a Marine and I fought in two "conflicts". However, I came back and realized that the freedom I fought for in Iraq and Basilan did not exist here at home. Just because I hit my EAS does not mean that I am no longer responsible to uphold and defend the constitution from all enemies "foreign and DOMESTIC". Thankfully I can fight domestic enemies with my mouth and with my votes, but such may not always be the case so as the boy scout motto goes, I shall "be prepared".



In all seriousness, mikey:

Unless you are part of an assault team with many trained members and you are storming some kind of emplacement, the only use I could imagine for an assault rifle would be for defending yourself when you are holed up somewhere. If you are using an assault rifle for that, you are already in big trouble. Please see the results of Waco, Texas and Ruby Ridge. Don't ever fight a battle on your home turf, take it to your enemies.

That's why you should be considering getting a hold of a sniper rifle. With a silencer. Also, some timers and C-4 isn't a bad idea, while you're at it. If we have to take back our nation by force, let's do it right. Like if we find out that Dubya is an alien simulacrum from the ninth dimension or some shit, we're going to need sniper rifles... fuck an M16, that's just bad planning. :slightly_smiling:


Get both, or one that can perform both functions adequately (Druganov SVD or other of preference). Sniper rifles are great at a distance, but the ability to apply suppressive fire while you flee can be useful. It'd really suck if everybody 'showed up at the compound after the invasion' and all they/we had were bolt action rifles and handguns. Besides, those alien simulacra rarely go down with one shot.


That is why his choice of the M14 (the M1A in the civlian version) is good.

He can reach out and touch someone with the .308 yet he still has 20 rounds available as fast as he can pull the trigger for the upclose work.


i already have mine. all i need is the c-4. got any?


Why would you want to possibly arm yourself now, when according to current trends, you won't be able to in the future? You're not making any sense at all.

Since I know exactly how the future will occur, I know I won't be needing a gun, ever!
-OK! Maybe some just some C-4!
GET IT? I just made a hilarious joke!
Man who knew laughing about the second amendment could be so FUCKING FUNNY!

So in short yes you are crazy for thinking you have the right to bear proportionatley powered arms instead of centralising all power in a single body, tool.


If you outlaw guns you will greatly increase the number of fellons in America.

Me Solomon Grundy


LOL Good one with the suppressive fire! The whole point is that we aren't worried about laying down any, because we are highly trained and motivated assassins. We aren't fleeing the scene -- we are walking away, calm and undetected, after putting several rounds into alien Bush's head as he's trying to get into a helicopter at the White House or some shit.

Still, you have an excellent point for mikey to consider. Why not get both? Now THAT'S good planning.


You said "Battle Rifle", which means you are not interested in semi-auto clones of so-called "assault rifles", which means you are only interested in calibers above 7.63x39...I can tell you from personal experience I always felt safe with a FAL (7.62 NATO) filling my hands back in my Bush Banging days. Lacking this, the only way to go is the "scout" M1-A (U.S. M-14 Clone), or a German "G-3" or CETME clone will work (but the cases will not be reloadable after firing, if this is a concern) If on a budget, grab a good ol' 30-06 M-1 Garand...(But make sure you do a lot of upper body work, as these firearms with a full load of ammo are extremely heavy!|:slight_smile:


If you're crazy, then count me in, too. Whenever I point out to people what you stated:

I get the usual response, something like, "oh, come on! The Army has tanks, and Apaches, and blah, blah, blah... What good is your rifle/pistol going to do?" Again, one must point to history, which, sadly, few people have any knowledge of. I ask them how the Soviets, arguably one of the best-equipped, most powerful armies in the world at the time, after 10 years of fighting in Afghanistan got sent home in body bags. Other than America sending the Afghanis stinger missles and various small arms, most of their army was equipped with WWII era or older rifles. They had no armor, no aircraft, and no artillery, and they sent the red menace packing.

If this analogous situation leaves them scratching their heads, I dumb it down to a conclusion I drew back in high school:

Q: What do those in power (politicians) fear most?
A: Bad publicity.

Q: Why do they fear bad publicity?
A: Because it will make them unpopular with the people.

Q: Why do they fear being unpopular?
A: Because they will lose their jobs by being voted out of office.

Q: Why don't those in power just say (a la Bill Maher) "New Rules!" and use the military to stay in power indefinitely?
A: Because they would lose and they know it.

On the day-to-day domestic side of things, I see owning firearms as not just a right, but a civic responsibility. Despite what anti-gun lobbyists tell you, cops do not swoop in like Superman and stop crime, they mostly arrive after the fact and clean up. Not a dig on cops, but you can't expect so few to be everywhere at once, and criminals take great pains not to commit crimes in front of them.

I also love the fantasy-land notions that people seem to have about their neighborhood/municipality being a "safe" place because no major crime has occured there in recent memory. They act as though there is some "good guys only" force field surrounding their town that rebuffs people with bad intentions. Then when a major robbery or shooting goes down, they have this hurt look of betrayal and pout, "this used to be such a nice, safe place..." Face front, dumbass; your town was never "safe", nor is it any less "nice" because (an) individual(s) decided to commit a crime there. It was always only a matter of time, but I guess one mustn't underestimate the power of denial.