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Buying 5/3/1 Ebook


Where can I buy the 531 ebook, and which version do I get if there are different versions ? I like boring but big but want to buy the Ebook to see the different variations of assistance exercise thanks. To add… Is there an order to go through the 531 programs ?? I started with stronglifts, made good progress and then gains stopped. Since then I’ve been messing about with different programs to no avail. So I think it’s about time I brought Ebook. I want hyper trophy, but to keep the strength training hence my thinking boring but big may be the way forward for me. But also would like to mix the training up after boring but big, basically I don’t really know what the deal is with the 531 variations and ebooks, thanks for reading and any advice given, thank you.


On this very site


Stronglifts is a good start. You should move onto something like MadCow 5x5 and then 5/3/1, but it’s not unheard of to just straight into 5/3/1. Start with the Second Edition - there are a lot of references to it in Beyond 5/3/1 that may be confusing if you haven’t read the original or second edition.

The question is on SL 5x5, have you stalled and subtracted 10% and started over at least twice on all your lifts? I did SL 5x5, MadCow, then 5/3/1. MadCow adds weight every week instead of every workout like SL. 5/3/1 adds weight monthly, or in beyond every 3rd week (depending on template). Depending on how old you are and if you’re truly stalled is important. How old are you, height and weight, and what are your tested maxes? they can be 1-5 rep maxes in the basic lifts - squat, dead, press, bench…

You can get the eBook on Amazon, Jim’s website, this website, etc…


Jim recommended going from Starting Strength after 3 months straight to 5/3/1 in his post on his blog “2016 Help a Friend Get Stronger”. Any reason you feel someone should do differently?


Order Second Edition… But save up quickly and add Beyond as soon as you can. Beyond has way more information but Second Edition explains the basics. Those two [together] will have you well equipped for a long time to come.


nope - I don’t feel someone should do it differently, just know there is an “in-between option” from 5x5 to 5/3/1 that might allow for quicker gains for a new lifter.


I’m 24. Been messing around with weights for a few years, picked up strong lifts about 18 months ago got more serious about it. Gains then stopped and I struggled for which program to go to. 1rep maxes are deadlift 140kg raw. With straps (just abit of an ego boost) 180kg for 1 tough slow rep. Bench 1rep max with slow eccentric and a pause 70kg squat 105kg ohp 50kg, row 50kg. Weight 145lbs heaight 5ft 8 . Could somebody send me he link to 531 second edition can’t seem to find it thank you.


Kindle/paperback: https://www.amazon.com/Simplest-Effective-Training-System-Strength/dp/B00686OYGQ

e-book: https://jimwendler.com/products/5-3-1-for-powerlifting-ebook-version

beyond: https://biotest.t-nation.com/products/beyond-531-by-jim-wendler