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Buyer Beware: Herbal Supps, Fake Ingredients

Just in case you are not using Biotest products:

The focus is on HERBAL supplements which Biotest does not sell.

My B12 and Vit D levels naturally run low without supplementation. What should I do?

Drink a bottle of cod liver oil a day?

With this, and all the recent stuff blowing up a good number of supplement manufacturers (some very well known name brands) and their protein “spiking” BS, it makes you realize that more often than not, you get what you pay for, and that some companies care about nothing more than making a quick buck.


I have to agree with The Mighty Stu. So many things are coming to light about amino spiking and other short cuts the media will have a field day trying to scare unwilling people about the evils of taking supplements. The best advice is to stay with a company who values it’s products and even more about it’s customers.

Biotest is one that is not the cheapest but you get what you pay for. Remember it is going into your body. It is always better to buy one or two quality products then it is to purchase 4 or 5 cheaply priced items.