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Buy Millipore Stericup Vacuum Filter Units

Hey Guys,

I’m trying to buy Millipore Stericup Vacuum Filter Units and have them sent to CA. I’ve tried several sites so far and after I put the items in my shopping cart I’ll eventually get a message during the checkout procedure that says the following. Due to CA state restrictions, we need more information in order to process your order. Please contact Customer Service and then they’ll leave a customer service number for me to call. So I basically have two questions.

Q1: What is a legitimate excuse for purchasing these filters? An excuse they won’t hassle me on too much. I don’t have a company name or any legitimate use for these things.

Q2: Do you guys know of a site where I can purchase these without any hassles?

I’d prefer to have question 2 answered but will settle with number 1 if that’s all I can get.

Thanks in advance guys.

Med lab supply.

Or any local science store, but prepare to be hosed. If you go to the BD or Nalgene Lab websites, they have a list of purposes. Pick one that isn’t suspect and voila, perfect excuse.

Oh, and wear something baggy :wink:


Thanks for the valuable information PAINTRAINDave.